The USKMA welcomes Chuck Heacock!!

The USKMA has a new marketing/sales director, Chuck Heacock!! Chuck is the one i look at as my mentor as far as marketing, sales, building a sales team, etc. go. I was in the first group that Worldwide ever brought in to start spreading Krav Maga throughout the US in ’98 and i remember every break (when everyone else was going to the instructor and asking about techniques) hitting up Chuck and learning how to get people in the door. Years later when we started Ohio Krav Maga & Fitness my Mrs., who had never sold in her life, talked to Chuck weekly and did everything he said. This was the start of us signing 48 per month on average and hitting 750 members!

Chuck is going to be making sales videos, being available to talk and basically giving invaluable sales training to USKMA affiliates. Meet Chuck at Krav Con in October (!

Mr. Heacock was born 1964 in Detroit Michigan. In 1972, his family relocated themselves and their family business, Operon Distribution, and moved his business to California. By the time Chuck was eight years old he had discovered Tae-kwon-do and was entering every tournament he could get involved in. Martial arts and going to work with his father at Operon Distribution became his diving passions.

Upon relocating to Southern California, Mr. Heacock, then a teenager, was hired at his first job, Jack Lalanne’s health club in Burbank, California, which would set his passion for the sports and health club industry. In 1981 Mr. Heacock’s dedication found him asked to physically train with luminary Jack Lalanne himself and Jack’s wife, Elaine. At this time Mr. Heacock has risen to be responsible for five locations as manager.

In 1983, at 19 years old, and after learning the in-and-outs from some of the top locations in the fitness industry, it was now time for Mr. Heacock to open his own health club. He spent three months in a renowned sales training camp complimenting his hands-on abilities in business operations. Mr. Heacock then joined forces with Brian Floyd a local and well known bodybuilding competitor to form National Club Consultants (NCC).

By the end of its third year in business, NCC had bought and sold seven health clubs to some of the largest operators in the business, including LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Powerhouse Gym, Club One, Meridian Health Clubs and Family Fitness Centers now known as 24-Hour Fitness.

Over the next four years National Club Consultants grew to own and operate six health clubs specializing in private training, nutritional consulting and sport specific training. NCC sold the consulting arm of the business and opened the Santa Clarita Athletic Club, in Santa Clarita, California, which at the time was one of the highest grossing pre-sales facilities on record.

In 1990, Mr. Heacock took the opportunity to expand his operational knowledge by working with his father’s business, Operon Distributors, where he would gain valuable experience in warehousing and shipping and receiving to further expand his business operations knowledge.

Upon the sale of Operon Distributors, Mr. Heacock focused on business development and consulting services to the sports and health club industry, including the expansion of Bodies in Motion from a single location to five.
At that time Mr. Heacock identified Krav Maga, a small martial art school in West Los Angeles, as having a large growth potential. Always looking for a new challenge, he signed on as Sales Manager and helped expand the school from 200 students to 2000 students in the first 24 months. It was now time to begin the Krav Maga Worldwide licensing program, which Mr. Heacock developed as Director of Marketing and Sales. Under his direction, Krav Maga Worldwide has grown to over 240 schools throughout the world and is the largest adult martial arts organization in the world.
Today you will find Mr. Heacock expanding his business development and consulting services relying on the vast knowledge and experience that over 30 years of effort brings. Industry leading clients include: Century Martial Arts Supply, Monster Fitness, 360 Combat clubs, Bodies in Motion, Monkey Bar Gyms, Bas Rutten MMA System, American Fight League, International Fight League, John Hackleman’s Pit, Mike Chat’s XMA, Mass Training Systems, ATA, Karate America, Tap-Out, Powerhouse Gyms, Gold’s Gym, RevGear Martial Arts Supply, EFC Billing systems, and Members Solutions.

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