Keepin’ It Real

“If it’s not simple, it’s not self defense.” R. Hoover

KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid! In Krav Maga we want to have the fewest answers to the most questions. Our weapons defenses, especially, rely on simplicity. In our handgun defenses seminar we show a “cupping technique” that we learn for a handgun from the front that also works for handgun from the side of head, from a kneeling position, from a gunman in the guard, a gunman mounted, a gunman standing over us, a gunman across a bar or table…you get the picture. We have changed our long gun defenses so that one defense works from the front with the weapon aimed high, from the front with the weapon aimed low, with a slung weapon, from behind, etc. Same with our knife. We wrap the arm and beat on the attacker whether the attack is overhead, under/upward, straight stab, shank, slash, etc.

This is gold when we teach law enforcement officers…or anyone else for that matter. A lot of LEO’s that we teach are mandated a whopping four hours per YEAR of unarmed training. They are not going to spend much time practicing what we show them…they have a lot of other things to do. To show them one defense that will work for several different attacks saves lives! They do not have to think of which defense works for that situation, didn’t have to practice it much for it to come out of them and get good at the defenses with much fewer reps.

From time to time we get someone who believes that they have a much better stick, knife, long gun or handgun defense. I tell them that what they are showing me may well be better…but think about it. That defense you show me for, say, a handgun from the front may indeed be five percent better…a touch more effective, a touch quicker, etc. Now when you show me your handgun from the side and then from kneeling they are as different as night and day. Completely different muscle memory. Maybe one in sixty officers we teach are the type who love training, will spend hours working your different handgun defenses and get good with them. The other fifty-nine your five percent better defense made forty percent less safe! They won’t practice, will hesitate when a handgun is shoved in their face thinking about which one of their twenty defenses they should use and will screw it up because they have so many defenses in their head.

Let’s say you have a knife defense system that is just awesome but it takes 150 hours of work to be fairly proficient with it. What if on hour 148 someone puts a gun in my face? The only thing that we claim to do better in Krav Maga than anything else is to get people from zero to being able to defend themselves quickly. In four two hour seminars we can get people proficient enough in handgun, long gun, knife and stick to give them a good chance of being able to defend themselves and live through an attack.

We are not in a Hollywood movie! We want to avoid flashy. Learning one simple defense with as few moving parts as possible that works in many situations saves lives. This is Krav maga! BE SAFE!

E mail us at for info on our upcoming Law Enforcement Instructor training Oct. 24 – 29 in PA and our level 1 instructor courses in AK and MT next month.


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