Ten years ago when I mentioned Krav Maga (if they had heard of it at all) the comment was almost always “oh, that brutal stuff”. I don’t hear this as much now but every now and then I still do. I would always tell whoever said “that brutal stuff” that I don’t really call it brutal, I call it effective. After all, I didn’t start the attack. What I do with Krav Maga is called “ending the attack with the least damage to me”!

Think about it. What is safe? Is safe defeating the attacker, not being killed, but still spending weeks in a hospital from the injuries? To me safe is getting out unscathed. Sometimes people get caught up believing Hollywood or TV (think Kung Fu) thinking that they will use a code of ethics, never throw the first punch, be honorable, defeat the bad guy the “right way”, etc. for self defense. Although the martial art code, ethics, etc. is a good thing this has nothing to do with real violence. There are predators and human scum out there who will slaughter your entire family and laugh about it. I read of a human piece of garbage slicing open a baby and raping the wound. How much “fighting the right way”, ethics and moral code are they using? If a human piece of garbage is going to think that way you are setting yourself up for certain defeat if you are going to think about anything but destroying the attacker. If the scumbag gets through me he tortures and rapes my family. What is “too brutal” in that situation? They set the attack up for the best possible outcome. They lay in wait to surprise, they cheat, they will hit when you are not looking. To defeat this you have to be meaner, dirtier, cheat more and win no matter what. As Rory Miller says “if the scumbags are going to use violence as a weapon, we must perfect violence and weald it better than they do.”

This is why in our Krav Maga first class intro we start introducing the concepts of “if someone needs hit they need hit as hard as we possibly can” and “if someone needs hit once they need hit many, many times.” We teach that sparring on the street is stupid, the longer it goes the higher our chances are of being hurt. It is immoral to hit another person but if you must it needs to break them. As my buddy Ernie Kirk says “I don’t wanna be in a fight, I just wanna hit him and go home.” BE SAFE!


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