I’ve got a major pet peeve when it comes to what I see others teaching women for self defense. I see videos, systems, seminars, etc. that are teaching…well…garbage. They have students coming who are quite literally putting their lives in the instructors hands, believing everything they are being taught (because, by golly, they are experts) and practicing things that will get them hurt.

I recently saw a video of a technique for a knife to the throat from behind. They had a small female news anchor they were showing the technique to with a big dude hugging her from behind and putting the blade to her throat. She had to pop a shoulder, get a figure four hold on the blade, twist and step, etc., etc. Common sense would tell me that the split second she popped his shoulder he would react…and that reaction would probably be scooping her up, slamming her to the ground and stabbing her many times. WTF?

Men, if you are going to teach women self defense here is my advice. Think of your nightmare attacker. The dude weighs 70 lbs. more than you, is way, way stronger than you, is way faster than you, is way more aggressive than you and has trained a lot more than you. Your best punch to his head is just going to piss him off and he’ll come at you even harder. His best punch to your head will for sure knock you out and will probably kill you. Pretty damned scary, huh? This is the starting point for a woman learning self defense. Your nightmare attacker is her likely attacker. Why would you teach her to put her keys between her fingers, to stand there with her hands up yelling “stop”, to blow a whistle, to carry something in her purse to defend herself with and never train that object under realism or to go to the ground and get her feet between her and the attacker? Would any of that crap work for you in that situation? There is only one option that has any chance of saving your ass in that situation. That is to go forward with all the hatred and rage you can muster, become an animal. Spit, cuss, claw, bite and smash targets (eyes, throat, groin, knees, Achilles) over and over…always looking to escape. Punch a throat and, before he’s recovered, kick his groin. Before he’s recovered from that stomp his Achilles, etc., etc. If that is the only thing that is gonna work for you with that attacker that is what you better be teaching women who come to learn from you.

Put everything you do under a realistic attack with as much stress, exhaustion and adrenaline as you can. That’s what she’ll be going through if attacked, that’s what we had better train with. Standing around and working cutesy techniques and being the hero is for egotistical jerks…not for people who really care and are training others on how to live through the worst couple of minutes of their lives. BE SAFE!


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