The USKMA has a new book out! DEFENDING THE BARREL & THE BLADE; THE WEAPONS DISARMS OF THE UNITED STATES KRAV MAGA ASSOCIATION with a forward by Rory Miller! We are giving away a dozen of them on October!!

DEFENDING THE BARREL & THE BLADE includes every weapons disarm in the USKMA system, the same ones we teach law enforcement and military, including car jacking, third party, weapon retention, etc. These are the easiest to learn, most battle tested, most effective and easiest to recall techniques we can teach. We take saving lives seriously! Our no BS approach, putting everything under stress and exhaustion, showing how to train, being about philosophy not techniques and knowing what realistic attacks the scumbags are using on the streets are is what makes this Krav Maga!

We will enter your name into the drawing for the dozen book giveaway when you like this Facebook post, when you like our Facebook page (if you haven’t already) and will enter your name five times when you share this post. You will be notified via Facebook message on Oct. 18.

If you weren’t one of the twelve to win a free copy you can order at’s “store” page! Buy a copy for every law enforcement officer, bouncer, security professional and anyone else who’s job has the potential of going up against a weapon that you know! BE SAFE!!


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