Get the USKMA’s instructor dvds for free, the whole curriculum levels 1 through 5! Order any three of our books on the “store” page of USKMA.com and we’ll throw in the dvd’s for free. The dvds were made for USKMA instructors and include the USKMA’s entire curriculum taught by USKMA black belts and lead instructor, Mark Slane. Anyone can learn Krav Maga with these complete and easy to follow lessons. Level 1 introduces basic combatives, ground and choke defenses. Level 2 continues with combatives & ground and introduces defenses for bear hugs, carotid chokes, etc. Level 3 introduces more advanced ground, combatives and attack defenses. Also, knife, stick and handgun defenses are introduced. Level 4 continues with advanced combatives, ground and weapons. Takedowns and sweeps are introduced. Level 5 covers judo throws, takedowns, ground and advanced weapons including long gun disarms. This offer includes the Weapons Disarms DVD as well.

This sale package includes the books AMERICAN KRAV MAGA, the manual for all USKMA krav maga techniques, BE SAFE; SELF DEFENSE FOR WOMEN IN THE REAL WORLD, KRAV MAGA FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT (co-authored with SGT Brannon Hicks) and our newest DEFENDING THE BARREL & THE BLADE which covers all of the weapon’s defenses of the USKMA. Sold separately the six dvds come to $114. This offer includes reduced shipping (only $5).

To order simply go to USKMA.com’s “Store” page and order any three book. We will throw in the dvd’s, no code required. The link is; http://unitedstateskravmagaassociation.com/store/

Final Krav in America cvr

While on our site check out the “events” page for upcoming law enforcement and level 1 instructor courses as well as Barrel & the Blade seminars!


In 1999 Mark was a member of the very first group of outside instructors ever trained at the Krav Maga National Training Center in Los Angeles. He then went on to open one of the first half dozen Krav Maga schools in the United States. Mark became a black belt in November of 2003 with Krav Maga Worldwide, tested with the USKMA to Second Degree Black Belt in 2009 and to Third degree in 2012.

Mark has studied the martial arts for thirty years. He started his training in Tae Kwon Do and holds a fourth degree black belt in that art. In Olympic style Tae Kwon Do he won a national championship in sparring in the light weight division – 33 to 40 year old age group. He has taught martial arts to hundreds of students in various schools over the past thirty years and has coached and trained dozens of national medalists, national champions, U.S. team members and World medalists. He has also trained in boxing for several years with Olympic Gold Medalist, Jerry Page and has studied Muay Thai, BJJ, and Mixed Martial Arts as well.

Mark is also the author of Be Safe! Self-defense for Women, American Krav Maga and Krav Maga For Law Enforcement with SGT Brannon Hicks as well as Defending the Barrel and the Blade; The Weapon Defenses of the USKMA’s (due out in November) . He has had an article on handgun disarms published in Black Belt Magazine as well.
Mark retired early from his firefighter/paramedic job to devote his life to making others safer.
Mark founded the United States Krav Maga Association to spread Krav Maga throughout the
U.S. the right way. No politics or egos…Just real world self-defense training.

Mark lives in Ohio with his wife Tina and their son Shae.

Mark can be contacted at Mark@uskma.com.


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