“If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore, what he must be taught to fear is his victim.” Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper

After showing a video on our Facebook page of a mob attack in Memphis this week we had several comments on what to do. I put a video on the page on what I would do…here it is written down.

These gangs of usually teenage boys, when they decide to randomly attack strangers, are involved in what SGT Rory Miller in his books Meditations on Violence and Facing Violence calls the “group monkey dance”. This is a dangerous dynamic. They are looking at who they attack as below them, not part of them and have no more remorse for their victims than you or I would in killing a snake. They are showing loyalty to the group by taking part in the violence. Even more terrifying is the fact that the more violent and crazy they act the better their reputation in the group is. This is why you see people who are already unconscious continuing to be kicked in the head, etc.

The concepts I try to get across on this subject are be observant, run away, you can’t win when outnumbered, carry a weapon and when it’s go time it’s time to get mean and nasty all come to play now.

First, of course, is don’t be there. The quote my friend John Burton uses all the time is “Don’t go to stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things”. You know where the bad parts of town are, don’t ever go there. Keep your head on a swivel because the bad parts of town may come to find you when you are someplace not so bad. We are all decent people, we pride ourselves on not being prejudice, being color blind (cue the music to “I’d like to teach the world to sing”) believing that we are all created equally, etc. but guess what, the scum bag thugs are some of the most prejudice people on the planet. This is why they are scum. There are scumbag whites, blacks, Hispanic…this isn’t a race thing, it’s a being a piece of crap thing. If you notice that you are suddenly in the minority where you are at and being looked and pointed at, keep your eyes peeled…as you leave.

Don’t be like most of America and bury your head in your phone to answer that oh so important text. Keep your eyes open and observe everywhere you go. Always be vigilant watching for groups forming. Watch for people talking while their eyes dart to you. Watch for pointing or anything that just doesn’t look right. Don’t ask yourself what doesn’t look right and try to figure it out, leave. As soon as you feel the least bit uncomfortable, leave.

If you see the attacks start and you aren’t targeted yet, run. Yes, there is a time to intervene and help those being attacked but when outnumbered fifty to one adding another body to their count isn’t helping.

When they start to approach you it’s go time. We don’t wait to see what they intend to do. As soon as even a few start towards you put your plan into action. Your first plan, again, is to run. Run now and run fast. If others are with you, they should know the plan ahead of time. If you are cut off or have family with you it’s time for part two of the plan. You escape by going through. You get vicious and mean and do the most damage to anyone close that you can. You clear a path and get out of there. Being on the ground is death, if you get knocked down do as much damage as you can to those around and get up! There is no talking your way out, no reasoning. These are scum bags who don’t look at you as human, they look at you as entertainment. In our seminars on this subject we show a video of some news footage of a family that was attacked by a mob. As they beat the husband the wife was pleading with one of the attackers to stop. He turned around and punched her in the face. We are dealing with animals and we must become an animal.

In this vein, nobody can fight twenty people and win. This ain’t Hollywood. Cops can’t be everywhere. Cops are only minutes away when seconds count. If you are going to survive this it is up to you. Do what I do…carry a handgun where it’s legal and a knife all the time. I’m not talking about a small apple cutting knife, I’m talking about a pig sticker. We’ve already decided it’s go time. The only way out of this mess is to be more violent, nastier and dirtier than the scumbags. This isn’t the time to think about not hurting anyone, what the police will think, etc. You will eventually be let out of prison, you’re in a casket for good. Here’s my plan. If it’s the knife I attack. I don’t waive it and try to intimidate a path open. The scumbags all have knives I’d bet…and handguns. Go for whoever is closest and stab them in the face. Go right down the line stabbing any face you see as you clear a path. If they are not running away they are a threat to your life. They may eventually take me down but I guarantee I won’t be the only one bleeding at the end. If it’s the handgun with me that day…same plan. I shoot the closest person in the face and I get out alive.

Brutal is what Krav does best. Mind set and have a plan…think about this stuff before it happens. Tell yourself that “I will go home today no matter what”. BE SAFE!

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