Knives are the last thing I want to come across on the street. Knives are a danger because they are concealable (most who get stabbed never saw the knife, they thought they were being punched), everyone has one, small angle changes in the attack make for large angle changes in the defense and any idiot can kill you with one. Also, think about the mindset. A handgun is a distance weapon. A timid attacker can just close their eyes and pull the trigger. Someone with a knife wants close, wants to see you bleed. I’ll take a very competent and well trained martial artist as an assailant over a nutso with no training but the desire to kill any day!

A handgun has a reach advantage over the knife, this is obvious. At close range, the only advantage the firearm has is the POSSIBILITY of greater damage per strike. A knife has far more advantages over the handgun at close range including 1. unlimited use, never have to reload. 2. It doesn’t require aiming. 3. It can cause damage at ANY angle of attack. 4. It is more difficult to control a knife as the defender. 5. It can be used stealthily, often the victim doesn’t know it’s in use until it’s too late.

TRAINING TOOLS; The training tool that is popular with Krav people that I don’t get are the shock knives. They don’t hold up that well, are expensive and…pretty friggin worthless in my opinion. What is the reason to use shock knives (or the old put lipstick on a rubber knife and wear a white t shirt)? Are you saying that if you get touched by the knife you didn’t do the defense right? I call bullshit on that. In a knife attack you are going to get cut. We don’t even call it “knife defenses” in our seminars, we call it “knife survival”. If you are doing defenses and not getting touched by the knife I can guarantee you that the attacks aren’t realistic. We expect to get cut, we are trying to avoid the 40 stab wounds to the chest that the average psycho is attempting to deliver. I’ve also been told that the “shock” mimics pain and teaches us to keep going when we feel it. I would suggest that people who believe that go study the adrenaline dump and stress. You ain’t feeling pain under the stress of someone trying to kill you…that comes later!

A much better training tool for knife defenses would be KY jelly. Any defense you are teaching should be able to be used with that stuff slathered all over your arms and hands. There is blood on the scene of almost every knife attack. Blood is one slippery substance. If the defense can’t be used effectively all slicked up like that it isn’t a good defense. Guess what, most every defense you know for a knife fails under that test. What works best? Punching or kicking the attacker as hard as you can as you attempt to block the blade…and creating distance to get the heck out of there or access a better weapon.

Now, let’s talk about “realistic” attacks. When most self defense experts talk about a realistic attack they are talking about a shank, hockey punch or the like type of attack. Actually, I would argue that. Any of the attacks listed in this chapter, including someone coming from ten feet away, have happened. Whichever swing or distance a person gets attacked with certainly seems realistic to them! My problem with the defenses I learned in martial arts was that they all started half way across the room. Can that happen? Of course. Should we also train for stabs that happen with someone starting who is already right up against us? Of course.

If I were a scumbag and wanted to do great bodily harm to someone with a knife I would blitz the person, hit them hard and push them back while keeping the knife out of reach in my strong hand and pushing, punching, controlling their limbs with my off hand. What technique works for that? Our “hockey punch” defense is the closest thing we have technique wise but, thankfully, we are philosophy based. We would teach to blitz the attacker, swing for the fences punching them in the throat and kicking them in the groin all the while keeping an arm in the way to block the knife. The philosophy is to not get stabbed (block) and to knock out the idiot. Nothing else to remember, no technique to recall. Just be brutal and hurt the idiot trying to stab you!! BE SAFE!


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  1. Nice article, very insightful reference of implementing the KY Jelly.

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