The USKMA’s instructor dvds are on sale for the next week! These dvds were made for USKMA instructors and include the USKMA’s entire curriculum taught by USKMA black belts and lead instructor, Mark Slane. Anyone can learn Krav Maga with these complete and easy to follow lessons. Level 1 introduces basic combatives, ground and choke defenses. Level 2 continues with combatives & ground and introduces defenses for bear hugs, carotid chokes, etc. Level 3 introduces more advanced ground, combatives and attack defenses. Also, knife, stick and handgun defenses are introduced. Level 4 continues with advanced combatives, ground and weapons. Takedowns and sweeps are introduced. Level 5 covers judo throws, takedowns, ground and advanced weapons including long gun disarms. This offer includes the Weapon Defenses DVD as well. Sold separately the six dvds come to $114…get all six for $89! This offer includes reduced shipping (only $2.50). Follow the link below to’s “store” page and order today.

Upcoming USKMA training; Level 2 instructor training in Dallas, TX Aug. 10-12
Level 1 instructor training in Auburn, IN Sept. 18-21
Level 3 instructor training in Longview, TX Sept. 3-5
Level 2 Law Enforcement training in Missouri City, TX Oct. 27-31


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