The Big 5 Friggin 0!!!

“The young man looks at the thug and thinks ‘If I had to, could I take him?’ The old man looks at the thug and thinks ‘If I had to, how would I take him?’” M. Young

For only the fourth time in over three years of blogging my blog today isn’t really abut self defense. This one is about a life changing (life shattering?) event…I turn 50 this weekend. Yippee…not. How did I get that old this fast? Heck if I know. I set out a year ago to see how good an old man of 50 could look at feel. Now, just in my small Krav circle I know several guys who are older than 50 and in way better shape than I am (yep, talking about you Rhett Ricart, Guy Bruno, Scott King, Al Guinne, Scott Lorenz and Tim Fisher). However, I know many, many more than that who have big guts, couldn’t sprint if they were paid, don’t work out and look older than they are. I teach young people (I am almost always the oldest in the room when I lead training) and I refuse to be that instructor who can’t see his feet because of his belly, teaches by talking a bunch and demos half azzed!

A snippet of my 50th birthday workout;

When I turned 49 I weighed 230 pounds. I vowed to get below 210 by fifty…and I did it. Now, don’t congratulate me. Letting myself get to 230 was pathetic and I don’t deserve congratulations for now weighing what I should have all along! Here are some lessons for anyone looking to lose some weight and live a happier & healthier life…and feel half way decent in their golden years.

It wasn’t like I was eating fast food and Krispy Kremes all day. I was eating organic, not really eating a lot and doing a good job of being healthy. Yet, after I hit 45 I just kept gaining weight. For four years I had tried different approaches to losing weight and nothing worked. I am sure it was a slowing metabolism but at that rate I would have weighed 300 pounds in a few more years! What I did to lose the weight was easy, anyone could do it. It does take discipline and some life changes, so automatically 95% of Americans won’t do it!!

I boosted up my exercise routine, but nothing crazy. I had been travelling so much that I wasn’t exercising nearly as much as I should have been. I work out every other day and alternate kettle bells, heavy bag and sprint work. I do try to walk an hour at a time twice a week. Other than teaching that’s about all I do…but it’s more than I was doing a year ago.

Next, I read two books…and followed them religiously. Read Mark Sisson’s PRIMAL LIVING and then Dr. William Davis’ WHEAT BELLY. Trust me, these aren’t just thoughts on what may be keeping weight on…they are truth that flies in the face of what the medical and dietary communities preach. How do I know what they write is true? Personal experience. I followed it and lost 20 pounds without dieting.

I have a lecture I give in USKMA instructor training about thinking for ourselves. Most people believe 1) the majorities opinion and 2) whatever an “expert” tells them. Our medical community and govt. agencies tell us to stay away from grass fed beef, raw milk, eggs, animal fat, butter, etc. and to eat whole grains. They started preaching this in the mid 80’s. Since the mid 80’s obesity and diabetes has sky rocketed. WTF kind of advice was that? Yet, thirty years later we still believe it…because that’s what they tell us even if opening our eyes tell us that they are wrong. Following this advice has made America the sickest nation in the history of the World. 7 out of 10 Americans have taken a prescription med in the past sixty days…I haven’t taken one in 9 years. I’ve come to honestly believe that the healthy thing to do is the exact opposite of what the “experts” say!

The crazy thing is that as much as I am griping about fifty I wouldn’t go back to any other point in my life. I’ve never been happier…I have a great life! A few more things that have worked for me. 1) Quit being stressed. Get rid of that which is causing stress in your life. There really isn’t much worth getting upset about. Looking back on my life I can tell you that I’ve never made any situation better by worrying about it or stressing. Whatever you are going through there are literally billions of people in this world who would trade problems with you! 2) Find a good significant other, the kind who makes you a better person. My wife is my best friend! 3) Get right with the Lord. Accepting Christ as my savoir has given true peace and happiness! 5) Be nice. I was a jerk most of my life. Nice is better. 6) Have a baby in your old age. I am fifty and have a six year old. Wouldn’t trade it for the world!!

There you are…all my secrets on how to be happy and healthy at 50! BE SAFE!



  1. First up, congrats on the impending milestone. I know you don’t want congratulations but too late. There.

    You’ve included lots of food for thought in your post. In trying to distill the essence it would seem that you have applied a krav maga principle: you found simple solutions to a few of the things you considered to be problems. Sounds pretty solid. As for getting older per se, I like to remind myself that the worst case scenario is living to 130. Working back from there, so long as we’re getting a lot out of our finite existences I figure we’re ahead of the game.

    R.e aging and krav maga specifically, here’s a thought. The chances of being caught in a bar fight presumably decrease (unless you frequent those establishments as much as you did in your twenties) but the chances of getting mugged presumably go up, both because older people are seen as easier targets and, on the average, older people carry more expensive belongings with them. Looked at statistically, then, a wee bit of krav maga of any sort – even if it is simply to think through scenarios and practice awareness – would seem to be a good thing no matter what physical condition we find ourselves in as we grow older. Adaptation is all a part (probably the biggest part) of life.

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