As a Krav Maga instructor I get asked quite often by students, family, general public, etc. “What would you do if…(jumped by ninjas, met multiple attackers with chain saws, were squared off with a UFC fighter, etc., etc., fill in the blank)?” My answer is almost always “I’d take out my big knife and slice them”. After a weird look the person asking usually says “I don’t carry a knife”. This is where they get my smart aleck “You asked what I would do…not what you should do.”

The person asking is usually looking for a specific technique to use against that chain saw, machete or bazooka. This is where I get to explain to them that we don’t really teach techniques, we teach a self defense philosophy. That philosophy is to go now, go hard, go forward and swing for the fences. Techniques won’t save your ass in a violent attack. Going forward with hatred and rage to destroy whatever is in front of you is what will save you. I’ve blogged many times that if you ask a cop who they would rather face; A) a very proficient martial artist or B) a crazy who wants to claw their face off and chew on their eyeballs I guarantee you that the cop will choose A every time.

So when asked what I would do if some crazy attack ever finds me the answers are easy.

-Why am I in a place where there are crazed ninjas in the first place? Don’t go to stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things. Self defense is truly recovery from stupidity or bad luck.

-If I can I will run. Yep, 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo, National light wt. tkd sparring champion 33-40 y.o. division, 3rd degree black belt in krav maga, have taught self defense to thousands, author of three books on krav maga…and I would run. Nobody is unbeatable, there are always bigger, stronger and badder. More than one attacker is hard for anyone to handle. A person with just a little training with a weapon will beat an unarmed expert more often than not. Add all this up and the smartest thing to do in almost any violent situation is to beat feet!

-Find something to use as a weapon. I know many empty hand defenses to take a blade away from a knife wielding maniac. They are the best ever developed, tried and true, IDF approved and, yet, I’d take a ball bat and an attitude over any of them. Honestly, I’d take a ball bat and an attitude over a black belt in any system.

-If left with no other choice but to fight it is always “get rid of the danger and destroy the idiot.” If choked get the attackers hands off my throat as I kick his groin, punch his throat, etc. If he is on top beating me it’s block and elbow his groin, punch his throat, bite, etc. If it’s a knife block it and hit the idiot. If it’s a handgun get it pointed so the bullet doesn’t hit me and beat on the idiot.

Notice how everything ends with “hit the idiot”? This is why half of every class in Krav Maga is spent on combatives. This is why we hit things often and hard in class. This is why I say that if a student drops out of a martial art after three months they really aren’t very good but if they leave Krav Maga after only three months they have a decent chance of being able to defend themselves. We didn’t have to do anything but show them how to hit hard and often and develop an attitude of “go hard, go forward” in them. This is the key to staying safe! I have had three of my black belts attacked over the past few years. They were all bummed because they each had this massive arsenal of techniques to use but they ended the attack with the first strike. One ended it with a punch, one with an elbow and one hit the idiot with a six pack of beer. Basics are what we need…basics and an attitude!

So when it’s the crazy “what would you do if a guy had both an AK and a 12 gauge pointed at you?” It’s easy to answer “Get the things pointed somewhere besides at me and beat the crap out of the idiot!” BE SAFE!

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  1. “If I can I will run.” I was very glad to see this as part of your post. My tkd Sensei also taught Krav Maga, and her first answer to confrontation, after 45 years of teaching mostly men how to fight, is to avoid the fight as the first choice. Thanks for posting.

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