Krav Maga vs. the Clowns!

I have been asked several times lately about the psycho clowns that are in the news and all over social media. If you haven’t heard about this, it is basically groups of people (generally teens) that think it’s fun to randomly appear out of nowhere and scare people/chase people with weapons. Most of these are just copycats that want to scare people but there are a few psychopaths who are using this to stab people and to do other acts of random violence. People are asking me what to do like random idiots attacking people is a new phenomena. Random violent attacks are pretty much what we’ve been training people to defend against since Krav Maga was founded…this crap happens all the time.

What should we do about it? Well, first and foremost have a plan. It’s kinda nice that it is all over social media because people are aware of it, talking about it and thinking about it. These same people, before this hit the news, never thought about a random violent idiot picking them out. Again, this didn’t just start happening! Now that we are thinking about it we can mind set!

My advice about avoiding the clowns is the same advice I have given in Krav Maga classes for fifteen years! First and foremost, don’t go to stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things! I wont’ come across gangs of attacking clowns because I live in the country….I’m lucky to see four people in a day! Now I realize we all aren’t that blessed and we must live and work in cities but is there ever a reason to go to a bad part of town? If your job doesn’t make you go there why go there to shop, eat or anything else? Avoiding areas where this is happening cuts your odds of being attacked way, way down.

If a random idiot is going to attack you (clown or just a scumbag) there isn’t much you can do about it before hand. Being vigilant when you are out is something you can do. If a stranger is going to pass you, keep an eye on him/her and have a plan about what you will do if they do lunge at you. Even more relevant would be if a group of strangers are going to pass you, keep an eye on them and have a plan about what you will do if they lunge at you! I have heard several police officers quote the saying “Be polite and professional with every person you come across…and have a plan to kill them.” This is being safe. Yes, be a good person but always have a plan to beat someone down if they do turn on you. There isn’t a person I walk past that I don’t look at out of the corner of my eye looking to see if they might burst my way. I am planning on blocking an attack and simultaneously punching them in the throat or kicking them in the jimmies! Is this paranoid? It sounds like there are a bunch of hurting folks across the nation that wish they had been a bit more paranoid.

Back when the “knockout game” was the thing in the news i would tell people to have a plan but have a realistic plan. To think that you will draw a handgun or knife misses the point of what a sucker punch is. A sucker punch is a punch you don’t’ see!! You don’t have time for this! Your flinch reaction must be (if you see it at the last second or feel someone closing on you) to tuck your chin. This is all you are going to get out of you but to take a punch on the top of the head/forehead is way better than taking one in the soft part of your face. Now, go forward and make them pay!! If you have a bit more warning block that punch and attack…and then access a weapon.

Notice that I said I watch everyone I go by? This would mean not texting or otherwise farting with a smart phone as you go down the street. Ya think the scumbags/clowns might be looking for the oblivious person who is absorbed in something else and not paying attention? I’d bet they are. Be alert at all times.

If you have a gut feeling that something is amiss there is no reason not to make a scene yelling your head off or to start beating feet in the opposite direction. If three or four guys are approaching you and start to spread as if they are wanting to all get to you at different angles, alarm bells should be going off in your head. Don’t wait to see if those feelings you had were right…react right away! If you’ve told someone to not approach you and they keep coming…that someone needs hit hard. Hitting first is smart…don’t wait. Why would someone not stop when you have told them to? Because they have good intentions?

My personal “mind setting” plans? If see anything resembling a hiding clown and I feel there’s something amiss I will cross the street or otherwise change the path I was headed in. If they then change directions it’s on. I will run if I have the distance and time. If they are a bit closer and I think running won’t save me I plan on putting my back against the wall, drawing the big knife I carry and act like I’m cleaning my finger nails…all the while making eye contact so they know that I know what’s going on. If it’s last second and I have no time for either of these things, and I feel there is no other recourse, I will start the fight…i will put a scare into the clown! I will take some clowns out and get out of Dodge! BE SAFE!

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  1. Fantastic response article. Simple, common sense. The one thing you see again and again in videos where people are targeted is that they are absolutely, completely unaware the attack was coming. Even simple eye contact probably would have foiled the assault … what these thugs relish is the very fact that their victim was completely oblivious.

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