At the end of every one of our Krav Maga classes at our gym we run “hell drills”. They only last about 1 minute but they are the most important thing that we do for self defense. In these drills we do things like a round of punching mitts our hardest, when the instructor yells “switch” we sprint to the other side of the room where we knee our hardest and then sprint back on command to punch again, over and over. Members generally say they hate them…with a smile on their face. I have never seen another system or martial art that incorporates this kind of training. Why do we do those “damned drills“?

-They mimic a fight! Members are always amazed that the drill is only a minute, it seems like five. It is hard to believe that you can get that worn out in one minute. We tell them this is like the fight, the stress and all out work in a fight will have them huffing and puffing within seconds.

-They get you into fighting shape! Do these for just a few weeks and they start getting easier, you get into much better fighting shape. We tell our members to let the bad guy be the one huffing and puffing after 15 seconds….as we go on to whup his ass!

-Not just technique but reality! If you are only training techniques you have no idea how they will work under stress and exhaustion. Guess what? In real world violence there is a lot of both!! One thing that happens often is that I will be standing two foot away from a person participating in the drill and yell “sprint” at the top of my lungs (the cue to run to the other pad holder) and they don’t hear it. After the drill we point out that this is one thing that can happen under stress. Audio exclusion, not seeing things correctly, not feeling things, etc. happen under stress and it is a good lesson to point this out in a drill. Just that little bit of stress and these things happen. Imagine how much more pronounced they will be under the stress of someone is actually trying to kill you!

-They build attitude! After you have done a ton of these drills you know you can push on through exhaustion, pain, puking, etc. You will not stop when it counts because you have been trained to keep going.

-They mindset for us! If you ever get into a 2 on 1 confrontation or any other bad situation you will have the “been there, done that” feeling. You will have trained for that very situation. You have trained to go forward, be brutal and never quit! This eliminates the “freeze” and will come out of us without thinking about it. That is good training!!

If you are teaching self defense without these type of drills, without putting what you are doing under stress and exhaustion, you are not teaching self defense. You are teaching self defense techniques. There is a big difference! BE SAFE!


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