“Danger, if met head on and without hesitation, can be nearly halved.” W. Churchill

I have blogged on mind setting several times. Having a plan for any situation will get us moving. Under stress our head goes to “mid brain” and we won’t be able to come up with a plan. If we planned ahead of time the plan will surface and we will act. Having “go buttons” is a form of mind setting.

Go buttons are thinking beforehand about what you will not tolerate. If, for example, I see a woman being slapped by a man out in public and never thought about what I would do in that situation I will hesitate, go off half-heartedly or even put myself in unnecessary danger. If I had thought about it before hand I will act with the plan that is already in my head.

Click on this video (may be disturbing). People around her kinda thought they should do something but didn’t really know what to do. This is hard to watch;

Now, go buttons aren’t a “Samurai Code” of ethics or a “Hero Philosophy”. They are just things that you have stated to yourself that you will not let happen in your presence. This hero stuff or “Savior of the World” code is something we leave for the martial arts, we don’t teach these things. The scum bags don’t have codes or “Never strike first” philosophies so to teach these to our students automatically puts them behind the eight ball. If the scum bags are going to use violence as a weapon we must perfect violence and wield it better than they do.

It’s a good idea to write down your “go buttons”. To think about them and to have a plan. Here are some of mine;

-I will not allow a woman to be hit in my presence. Yes, I understand the dynamics of spousal abuse. I may get jumped by him and her both but this is something I will not walk by and ignore.

-I will not allow a child to be hit in my presence. I believe in a good spanking when deserved but I will intervene if an adult is slapping down a child or otherwise hitting a child inappropriately.

-If a child says that someone grabbing them is not their parent I will intervene. Most of us would I would hope.

-If two dudes are squaring off and fighting…oh well, have fun. If one is unconscious and the other is still beating them I will intervene up to a point. IF they are both gang bangers and the rest of the group is standing around this would be suicide. I think of these things in advance however.

-If a store, bank, business is being robbed…oh well, they are insured. I am not the savior of the universe!

-IF someone threatens my friends or family I will come out swinging. There will be no words or puffing up…there will be fists.

-If someone keeps approaching me and I have told them to stop I will hit them when they are close enough. They have ignored warnings and I will not wait to see if they really mean business.

-If I see a police officer in a fight and he/she isn’t obviously winning I will jump in and help him or her.

-If any stranger is in my house there will be no questions, there will be great bodily harm.

-I will never be bound. I will fight three dudes with guns now even with those very thin odds than be at their mercy later.

-I will never be moved to another spot or allow anyone else to be moved. The secondary crime scene is where the scum bag has solitude and time.

-I will not stop my car because someone is blocking it with another vehicle or even their body. I am in a 3,400 pound weapon and I will use it.

So what are your go buttons? Think about them before hand and have a plan. BE SAFE!!



  1. Pretty spot on (the idea of the post is, I will not comment on the ethics of your go buttons). I know for a fact that what you are saying is true as it has happened to me. A couple of months ago I was walking down a street where I live (about as close to the center of the city as you can get). Now this is a street that contains at least 3 embassies close to each other, the parliament is also very close as is a police station. I would never expect to see violence there in the middle of the day. However, as I was walking down the street I saw 3 young men coming towards me in the opposite direction. Nothing peculiar about them, they seemed to be a group and appeared to be talking among themselves. When we were about 10 meters away from each other, one of them turned around and yelled something at the another, I couldn’t make out what (the only word I could understand was “phone”). Then out of the blue two of them started beating the third one down. After a shove and a punch he fell to the ground next to a parked car and curled up in a fetal position so that his back was to the car and his arms and legs were protecting his head and body from the soccer kicks and stomps that ensued. The point of the story is that as I was walking by I couldn’t decide in time if I should intervene in this sort of situation. It was pretty hard to come to a conclusion even days later when I wasn’t in the middle of a situation like that. Now in this case, if I did have time to think about it I still would have not intervened. But, not having time to think about it, the only decision I could have made right then and there was not to intervene, and I would be very sorry later if it turned out that I thought I should have. Oh and as for the three men, just as I was passing the one being beaten on cried out and a policeman sitting in a booth at the entrance of an embassy across the street ran up with his hand on the holster and the two attackers ran for it. Not that I was aware of there being a guarded embassy there at the time, even though this was happening in my street.

  2. Nice to know you’d intervene to help me if I was attacked if I was a woman, but because I’m a man, I’m on my own.

    • I’m not the savior of the world my friend. If it’s two dudes going at it I stay out. Now, if one is on the ground being stomped and about to be killed I will put my self in harms way. Too much craziness out there to get killed over every fight I come across.

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