Just read about another system who’s ad started with something like “Train with us one evening and you’ll be able to destroy any attacker”. Did the system have any merit? I don’t know, i quit reading after statements like that. It may be a fine system, even on par with Krav Maga but they lost me with that sentence. I hate crap like that, like the one who tells us we will “Fear No Man” and “easily defeat multi attackers, even if they have weapons” if we learn their system.

Guess what, we had better fear man! There are psychopaths out there who will torture and kill you and your family and then go have a hamburger. There are scum out there who will find you at your weakest and most unprepared, come at you from the greatest advantage they can muster and wipe you out. There are mean, tough and huge guys out there who could pound me and you into the ground in a fair fight. There are punks out there with knives and handguns that could off us before we even know we are in trouble.

I heard of a special forces soldier on leave in Florida who got into an altercation in a bar. This was a tough guy who had killed the enemy overseas. He was in shape, smart, a trained killer and just facing off against a regular dude in a bar. He somehow fell, hit his head on a pipe and died. How am i going to tell you that i can make you unbeatable?

This crap makes me sick. When someone is coming to you to learn self defense they are literally putting thier lives in your hands. To teach crap, have an ego and tell prospective students things like “you’ll fear no man” is unforgivable.

What do we teach? First and foremost we teach not to go where trouble is. Don’t go to bad parts of town or a seedy looking bar in the first place. Self defense is recovery from stupidity or bad luck. Second we teach RUN. Run from danger. I am a third degree black belt in Krav Maga and make my living teaching the stuff but i would rather run (no matter how chicken shit I look) than go into a blade or two on one (or just one on one as a matter of fact). Third, use a weapon. Pick something up and use it to fight with. Against a blade, for example, i’d rather have ball bat than any of my empty hand krav techniques. Fourth, and as a last resort, we teach to use our krav maga. Go hard, go forward and go until the scumbag is done.

Doesn’t sound like the teaching of a bad ass does it? Well, I’m not one. I am human and any skinny punk with a blade or bullet could end my life. Any two guys who can get one behind me can end me with a punch to the base of the skull. I refuse to have an ego or to blow smoke up people’s butts. My job is to make people safe and i take it seriously. BE SAFE!


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  1. Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this article.
    It was practical. Keep on posting!

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