“And so as you hear these words telling you now of my state.
I tell you to enjoy life. I wish I could but it’s too late.” -Ozzy in “Paranoid”

“It is not paranoid to think that there are people out there who may try to kill you if there are indeed people out there who may try to kill you.” SGT Samford Strong

I am told quite often by friends and family that I am paranoid. I don’t argue much because I am! For many years I was a paramedic/firefighter and saw the results of accidents and violent crimes first hand. When I started teaching Krav Maga I decided that if I was going to help people become safe I needed to study exactly what I was making them safe from. I studied real world violence, criminals, horrific crimes, home invasions, psychology, etc. to the point that…I am pretty friggin paranoid!

There are sociopaths out there who don’t look at you as human, they look at you as entertainment. There are scumbags out there who can torture and slaughter your whole family and then go laugh about it. As Stanton Samenow says in his book Inside the Criminal Mind “No matter how a sociopath was made, once made there is no rehabilitation.”

From a blog I wrote a couple of years ago about criminals: “Scumbags are good at what they do. Most have a system down that they follow time and time again, because it works for them. If you are attacked there is an 80% chance that it will be by a recidivist. A recidivist is someone who has been in prison for a violent crime in the past that has been let out (hooray for our awesome judicial system). He has a long list of victims. He will not change for you. You are not human to him. You are a resource. He sees you as the means to an end….you are money, the car, the rape, etc. Begging, pleading, trying to reason, etc. will not work because, again, you aren’t human you are just next. The recidivist considers themselves more important than their victim and their wants more important than following societies rules.

The recidivists do not look at consequences. Jail doesn’t scare them. They live for today because they really don’t expect to live a very long life. Prison is a stop to get medical care, food and shelter. They will continue their victimizing in jail, it’s just a change of scenery to them with a new victim pool. This criminal’s sense of right and wrong is grossly distorted. There is no remorse, no regret and no hesitation to use violence as an end to a means.

Predators are patient to get what they want. They will wait and attack from the greatest advantage they can find. They weren’t loved or nurtured, were abused, had a rough life. This makes the bleeding hearts want to “educate and rehabilitate them”. These people can’t be helped and don’t want help. They hate life and hate you. “

I’m the type who craves knowledge. I refuse to believe things just because that’s what I was told to believe or because it’s easier to believe. I’d rather be paranoid than have my head in the sand! Most victims of horrible, violent crime never thought that it would happen to them. My wife, back in our dating days, had a job that had her working odd hours and took her to many different cities. One night on the phone (around midnight) she told me that she was going jogging. I assumed she meant on the treadmill at the hotel. The next day I asked her how her jog went. She told me that she ran by a seedy looking bar that didn’t look safe so she turned back. My jaw hit the floor…and I griped at her a good bit! She is a 4.0 college graduate and pretty darned smart. To do something like that was stupid. She was the type that just thought bad things happened to other people. Now that she has a kid and has lived with me for several years she is a bit more “paranoid”!

Paranoid keeps me looking around. Paranoid keeps bad habits from forming. Paranoid keeps me vigilant. Paranoid is a good thing! BE SAFE!

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