When I teach knife defenses I always start with the statement “I only have one guaranteed, for sure, you won’t get cut knife defense. Outrun the dude with the knife.” The first thing we do in our knife defense seminar is to have every student sprint away from their training partner when they make a move to their pocket. The second thing we do is punch and sprint away from the training partner when they make a move to their pocket. Does this sound macho? Nope, macho will get ya hurt!

When I teach Krav Maga instructor training I make sure that the potential instructors realize that using Krav Maga means that we are recovering from stupidity or bad luck. If we are using our Krav Maga we ignored warning signs, were in a bad place to start with or were just unlucky that day. We tell these future instructors that they must teach their students (in this order) to 1) not be there. Don’t go to stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things. 2) Run. Really. I don’t care if our local news has video of me running away from a knife wielding thug and laughing about how “a Krav Maga expert runs from knife!”. I would be a still living, non injured Krav Maga expert! 3) Pick up something to use as a weapon. You are much smarter to defend a knife (for example) with a crow bar than with any of those cool, expert Krav Maga empty hand knife defenses! 4) Krav Maga. See how far down the list our actual Krav Maga techniques are? If you are there you probably did something wrong!

Does this mean a good Krav Maga class would include sprint work? Yep. How about others in the training playing the parts of the wife and kids and you have to get away quickly while herding them along with you? I think that’s fantastic training.

We have one goal and one focus in Krav Maga. That is to make people as safe as possible as quickly as possible. Does it look sissy having a big, tough Krav Maga black belt instructor telling the class that he/she would run from danger? I don’t care if it does!! When we as self defense instructors have to look tough and feed our own egos we are going to get people killed. When a student comes to us for self defense training they are literally putting their lives in our hands. If they ever need what we taught it will be for the worst few minutes of their entire lives. We as instructors had better have showed them the best, most battle tested, scientific and safest self defense possible. That starts with telling them to RUN when they can. BE SAFE!


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