I have blogged on this before but I just heard another “expert” talk about how bad Krav Maga’s handgun defenses are because we grab the barrel of the handgun. He went on about what a bad idea that is, how nobody is fast enough to do this, etc. Here is an article on our main defense for handguns:


Sigh…..First off, anyone who has practiced these can see for themselves that a person is definitely fast enough to redirect the weapon before the assailant can fire it. We’ve done this with airsoft, pellet, bb, etc. guns many times. After people work on these techniques at our seminars the main question that we are asked is if we will get burned or cut while grabbing the weapon. I have three stock answers. One is fairly serious, the other two are smart aleck!

Answer 1: Yep, you may well get burned or cut by the handgun. Supposedly Myth Busters showed that a revolver has enough gas discharge to take off a finger. The thing is, you won’t know it until after the incident. With the adrenalin dump and the stress it will be much later when you notice that you are bleeding or burned. We’re not teaching magic tricks and never said you’d be unscathed.

…then again, it may not;

Answer 2: Well, we were trying Jedi mind tricks but kept getting people shot. You gotta physically move the barrel so that it isn’t pointed at you when the thing goes boom! The hand seems the logical thing to use to get the friggin thing offline!!

Answer 3: Yep, you’ll burn your hand or maybe get cut. The other option is to take a bullet…seems a no brainer. Is grabbing the barrel of a handgun that is being fired something I would want to do? Nope. That’s a s#!tty thing to do. The problem is that if a handgun is being pointed at me and fired I am in a world of s#!t. I have a list of only s#!tty answers. Standing there and getting shot is at the bottom of the s#!tty answer list, grabbing the handgun and getting it offline is at the top of the s$!tty answer list. The only good answer is…don’t be there with a gun pointed at you!!

…and that’s the way it is. BE SAFE!!


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  1. Mark, that is great commentary! I for one have been experimenting with catching the bullet with my fingers. The first few times didn’t work that well, but I figure a couple of more times I’ll have it down and I sure hope so, because its hard typing with only the thumb and index finger of my left hand…

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