Our new book, KRAV MAGA FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT (Co written by SGT Brannon Hicks and Mark Slane), is now available on Amazon. Below is the description followed by an exert. BE SAFE!

Learn the defensive tactics system developed for and by the Israeli Defense Forces as taught by the United States Krav Maga Association’s lead instructor and third degree Krav Maga black belt Mark Slane and SWAT team trainer and LE defensive tactics instructor, SGT Brannon Hicks. Everything for law enforcement officers is covered from basic search and cuffing to deadly weapon defenses. Krav Maga is easy to learn, easy to remember, and above all, effective.

“The main thing to remember as instructors is that to teach only techniques is a SIN! To save a life (your own or someone else’s) the technique is maybe 40% of what the officer needs. How many dash cam videos have you seen where the officer in the fight is doing anything that even remotely resembles his/her training? I would guess not very often. It is almost as if we survive in spite of our training, not because of it. Much more important than the techniques that are taught is the attitude and philosophy that is being taught. The attitude must be “I am going home today no matter what.” We must teach aggression, a fighting “never say die” spirit and we must put all training into realistic scenarios. The drills in this book must be done to get proper training. We cannot just teach techniques as an end all but must practice the techniques under stress, while exhausted and under realistic circumstances. If we train a handgun disarm, for example, always with the partner standing like a statue with the handgun pointed at us it is an entirely different feeling on the street when the attacker is punching us with the gun, slapping us, cussing and screaming. If we had never had an attacker come at us like this we haven’t trained for it, we won’t have a plan and it will not come out of us. If we train properly we will have the “been there, done that” feeling that we need to stay safe. Another example is with our knife defenses. If we’ve only practiced these static in a gym it will be a completely different feeling when the attacker is slashing and moving and when there is blood involved. If there is a knife involved there will be blood spilled…and blood is one slippery substance. Have most of us ever trained for this? Train knife defenses with KY jelly slathered all over your arms. Now when there is blood in the real world you are ready for it….things work differently when we attempt our defenses on slippery appendages.

We in Krav Maga are constantly watching dash cam and surveillance videos as we want to see what real attacks look like so that we can mimic them in training. We absolutely want to be training for what we will actually face on the streets instead of training techniques in a gym that look cool. We recently had a prison guard tell us that extracting a prisoner from a cell is always an adventure. The prisoner is usually naked, soaped up and tries to be as hard to grab and hold on to as possible. We asked him how they trained extractions and he told us they train with the guy playing the prisoner in a red man suit which…was easy to grab hold of. It was an epiphany for him when I said “Spray cooking spray or something slippery on that damned suit!” Nobody had ever thought to make the training like the real thing before that.

Finally, when you train your officers, don’t let them assume that the only time that they will be attacked is when they are on duty. Training that always relies on the officer going to their belt for their weapon, Mace, Taser, etc. will get them hurt if they happen to be attacked on an off day when they are at the grocery store with their family. Train smart, train often, train hard and be safe!”


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