Krav Maga uses body weight to generate power more than any other art or system I’ve seen. While other “arts” are spending hours upon hours learning to snap at the waist, bend knees and twist just right to generate power for their elbows (as an example) in Krav Maga we basically spend twenty minutes learning to burst off of our back foot like a sprinter leaving the blocks. They both use body weight to generate power into the elbow, it’s just that in Krav we’ve learned to do this in a fraction of the time it takes the “art”.

Can a one hundred pound woman hit as hard as a two hundred pound man? No, if they are both using all of their body weight. If he is just arm punching and she is sending her hip to twist and generate power she is hitting harder. While his twenty pound arm is behind his punch her entire one hundred pounds is behind hers.

In Krav we have two rules for throwing a combative. 1) Hit as hard as possible and 2) hit many, many times. If we can justify hitting someone we can justify winning the encounter with whatever it takes. Every combative that we throw in class (hence, in the real world if needed) is thrown at full force. If we are ever in a violent situation where our safety is threatened we will not dance, change levels, go in and out and attempt to “set up” our attacks. We will go forward and swing for the fences. The longer we allow the encounter to last the more likely the scum bag’s buddies will show up. We need to destroy and then vacate the area. This is why we don’t have a “jab” in Krav Maga. We have a “front hand punch” that we twist our hips with and try for knockout power. In sports they can jab because their life isn’t on the line and they are attempting to win by scoring points. This just doesn’t work on the streets.

How important is getting our body weight into a combative to generate maximum power? Krav Maga techniques are fairly worthless without it. If we get a scumbags hands off of our neck but don’t kick hard he/she just attacks us again. If we block a knife but don’t hit the scumbag hard he/she just stabs us again. If we redirect the handgun but don’t deliver a strong combative we are in a wrestling match. The strike is what makes the technique effective. This is why half of each krav maga class is spent on combatives.

Krav Maga was designed to get people from zero to being able to defend themselves faster than any other system. This is why transferring body weight into an attack is done as simply as possible. Most practitioners in martial arts aren’t very good after only three or four months but in Krav a student is testing into level two after three or four months…and are pretty darned good by then.

Below is an old Human Weapon episode explaining knock out power. BE SAFE!


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