Handgun disarms are probably my favorite thing to teach and i have done many Handgun disarm seminars for law enforcement personel, krav maga students and for the general public. The seminars I do for the general public always give me a chuckle. I can tell what questions will come up and what silly things will be done before we even start.

When we first show the handgun from the front technique (redirect the barrel with left hand, wrap the hammer with the right, step and knee to the groin, snap forearms in to body to take away the weapon, strike to the face with the barrel, step away at an angle as we tap and rack or access our own) I am always asked “Can’t you hurt your hand grabbing the gun like that”. Well, I usually think “We tried Jedi mind tricks but they weren’t working very well so we decided that we just gotta grab the thing” but I try not to be quite so smart alleck to those paying for a seminar! My patient and kind explanation is “Yep, you can certainly get your hand cut to the bone and Myth Busters has shown that a revolver’s gas discharge can actually blow a finger off but you won’t know it until after the event and the addrenaline starts to wear off. I didn’t say we would come out of this situation unscathed. We are in a world of crap and have a list of crappy answers. At the bottom of the list is to stand there and get shot. At the top of the list is our defense. The only good answer is to not be there with a handgun pointed at you in the first place!” I’ve even been asked about keeping the handgun by our head as we take it off…the person was afraid of being deafened. See the above answer for that one!!

When learning these defenses it is not uncommon for me to see students stopping in mid take away and starting over because they messed up. This is a major no no! I tell them that under stress they will react when it’s real exactly how they trained. There aren’t a lot of bad guys who are going to let them stop and start over…this will get them shot for sure! So we don’t do it when training! If they mess up they need to continue. After all, Krav isnt’ about the technique (those fall apart under stress and exhaustion), it is about the philosophy of get the weapon pointed offline and beat the attacker into the ground. I tell them to make it up and win…if i like what they did I’ll teach it that way and name it after them!

Most untrained people at these seminars, after taking the handgun, back off and point it at the “bad guy” as if they are going to fire the weapon. I always stop the group and point out that this is wishful thinking. I ask them “how many know how to clear the jam that just developed when the gun went off but you were holding the slide, not allowing the empty casing to eject? Do you know if it was loaded? If it was loaded did the idiot load it with the right caliber amunition? Do you know where the safety release is on a Glock 21, a Keltech 9mm, a model 1911 or a Colt 45? Don’t think that you have a working weapon BUT they did give you a piece of metal. If they charge push off of your back foot and see how far through their skull you can punch the barrel of that handgun!”

When I mention that one of the requirements for black belt in the USKMA is to take the NRA’s handgun safety course I have been asked twice now “What if someone is anti handgun and doesn’t want to handle one?” My answer is “I don’t care”. My thought is that if we are ever in a place that our family is threatened and we need to take that handgun we had better know how to operate it…and not be afraid of it. Never wanting to handle one is giving that handgun a magic power. I know people who are scared to death of a gun. How in the world could they ever protect themselves from one after giving it that much power in their mind? It ain’t gonna happen. BE SAFE!

This video doesn’t have anything to do with the blog but it’s cool! 16 year old girl who can sport shoot like you won’t believe!


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  1. I just have to say I love your blogs and look forward to them every week. I’m a level 3 student getting ready to test into 4 with KMWW. Nearly everything you say is spot on in my book. Especially last week’s “Just punch them in the face”. At my gym, we have a dedicated weapons defense class. It has really helped open my eyes to how crappy real violence is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stabbed with the practice knife or been staring directly down the barrel of a practice gun or been hit by blunt objects. And that’s just during drills. I’d hate to think what could happen in an actual encounter. I hope I never have to find out. But I firmly believe Krav has the absolute best techniques around and is supported by the absolute best type of training. I’m finally starting to develop that animalistic “switch” and it feels good. I’d have to be dead before I’d stop defending myself or loved ones. Not being there in the first place is the best defense, but everyone should learn Krav all the way through to the highest levels. Keep up this awesome blog!

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