“Violence of action trumps technique” SGT Rory Miller

During a second degree black belt test that I ran a few weeks ago I can’t tell you how many times I heard “I’d just punch ‘em in the face”, “just punch ‘em in the throat” and “just kick ‘em in the groin”. This was awesome! It was the right answer for quite a few scenarios they found themselves in.

When I teach the hair grab from the front from our level three curriculum I usually say something to the effect “In Krav we keep it simple and don’t have a lot of fluff. This technique I feel we’ve made harder than it needs to be. If someone grabs my hair, I just punch ‘em in the face!” To be fair, I think the technique (grabbing the wrist with both hands to block a punch that may be coming, bow at the waist, chop step backwards to stretch them out and kick to the face) is great for a women’s self defense seminar because they aren’t going to develop a punch that is worth anything in two hours but for me….just punch ‘em in the face!

Why complicate things? An aggressive, go off, go forward straight punch with all your body weight behind it is going to keep you out of more trouble than all of those fancy techniques we spend so much time practicing. Add a front kick to the groin and some anger and rage…you are one safe person!! (See my previous blogs on how aggression, attitude and a “go first, go off and go hard” philosophy is much more important than any technique or system).

I remember two stories from students that always make me smile. One older guy was in Vegas and was jumped by three bums. He punched one in the face and the dude went down. The others ran away. He was griping because all the cool stuff he knew and practiced he didn’t get to do…he just got a punch in. The other was a guy who was visiting Mexico. He turned a corner and out of the blue a punk tried to stick him with a knife! He blocked and punched the punk in the face. They both turned and ran away. He was hard on himself because he didn’t do the whole technique. He did exactly what needed to be done!
One more story! I knew a Krav black belt who was jumped at an ATM. He was lamenting that with all of the techniques in his arsenal all he got off was one punch…that knocked the punk out!

When I teach knife seminars we find out in a hurry that the only technique that is worth a flip is to block as good as possible as we PUNCH the idiot in the head. All the cool knife defenses go to pot when we add a realistic attacker, stress, pain and ky jelly (to represent the blood). Nothing works like just punching the scumbag in the throat!
I’ve had students complain in the past that in class we punch too much. They eventually get it. Below is a video that I have put in my blogs three or four times in the past. I love this vid! Be safe!!


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  1. This is absolutely fantastic advice! Love it!


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