Krav Maga is worthless if you are just learning techniques. There are no magic techniques, no “guaranteed to save you” or unbeatable techniques. We are teaching the most battle tested, best and most effective techniques that we have found but techniques won’t save your ass in real world violence.

We get people in our gym who want to take one on one lessons from us. They want to just learn the techniques…not do drills or be ran into the ground. I turn them down flat. Krav Maga isn’t just techniques. The whole mind set and philosophy that we teach make it a complete system. The philosophy of go forward, go off, go hard and destroy is what will save us in the real world.

If you ask a cop who he would rather face A) a very proficient and talented martial artist or B) some untrained psycho who wants to tear their face off and see them bleed they will always pick A. He/she would rather face someone who has awesome techniques than someone who is just going nuts. Doesn’t that say a lot?

We are teaching the philosophy of never quit, do major damage and go hard with everything we do in Krav classes. We would never just show an outside defense and practice that in class for a while and then move on to the next thing on the lesson plan. We will do two or three outside defenses then have that become an outside defense and two punches. Then it’s the outside defense with four punches, then six, then six with an elbow then clinch to throw knees and dump the attacker on the ground. Now, when we are attacked on the street our muscle memory doesn’t just produce the outside defense and then stop but we will throw that defense and keep going…attack, attack, attack. The technique of the outside defense won’t save us, the philosophy of go forward and go hard and go until the attacker is done will.

One thing I say often in class (especially weapon disarm training with law enforcement) is that I would much rather you do an incorrect technique but do it now and go crazy with it than I would you do the correct technique with hesitations and thinking about making it perfect and not full out. Violence of motion trumps technique! Be the crazy who is clawing eyes and ripping and tearing skin…that makes up for a lot of technique mistakes. Aggression, attitude, meanness, a never quite attitude and looking to do major damage is what keeps us safe. Krav Maga techniques without these things are worthless. BE SAFE!

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