It always amazes me how “military hand to hand combat techniques” have such an aura about them. I get people all the time asking if I teach the “military krav maga”. People somehow assume that military techniques must be the most lethal and therefore the best to learn. The military hand to hand combat training is great…if you are in the military.

Military hand to hand combat is for the battlefield. Their goals are totally different than a citizen who is trying to survive violence on the street. In the military they train with a lot of gear on. All that gear they carry makes a lot of Krav Maga’s techniques useless. They train generally assuming they have buddies around to help. They train to use their knives, long guns, etc. as adjuncts to the techniques. In other words, not a lot of empty hand but always grabbing a shovel, butt stroking with their long gun and using some improvised weapon they are carrying. They train to kill and keep moving towards their objective. They don’t look to flee or worry about being sued or arrested for too much force. They are learning to attack offensively, preferably taking out people who never knew they were there.

Civilian Krav Maga is about learning to stay safe when suddenly attacked by one or more scum bags. Our main goal is to go off like a crazy person doing as much damage as possible BUT always looking to escape. Stay safe no matter what and then get the heck out of there before his buddies show up…with knives. We teach (in this order) to stay away from bad places, run away, de-escalate and, lastly, to fight only when there is no other choice. This is about as opposite of what the military teach as possible!

So when I am asked “do you teach the military krav maga” I always ask “why, are you in the military?”. Why learn something that is designed for the dangers that military personnel face on a battlefield when we should be learning defenses designed for the dangers that us regular folk will face on the street? It’s beyond me. I see those who do actually teach “military hand to hand techniques” teaching class in bdu’s with all those pockets down the leg. Makes them look more military I suppose. If I had all those pockets on my pants I’d sure as heck be carrying weapons in them! BE SAFE!