Further thoughts on the blog of a few weeks ago titled “go in”. When I teach a Krav Maga class the way I see it I have 45 to 55 minutes to make people as safe as I possibly can. I do not like any time wasted! Even in warm ups we are keeping our hands up, throwing techniques such as elbow to the rear to warm up arms instead of just doing arm circles, etc. One of the things I see done in warm ups at almost every Krav gym I’ve been to is “shadow boxing”…and it’s a pet peeve. What are we doing when we shadow box? We are pretending to be in a fight, yes? The fight we are pretending to be in is a sports fight in a ring. When we shadow box we are changing levels, going in and backing out, throwing a three or four punch/kick combination and moving, etc. These are all fine if you are learning MMA or boxing. In Krav Maga we are learning only to win an attack started by someone who is trying to hurt us. The moving in and out, throwing short combinations, etc. will get us hurt on the street. Even if we are a better fighter than the attacker this “sparring” type of fighting drags things out too long and, as a wise man once said, “Every asshole has an asshole friend close by”. We need to end things asap and beat feet out of there…not fight for ten minutes while the idiots three friends show up.

Practice shadow fighting. In my classes i don’t want to see a three of four punch combination, I want to see total destruction. Go in and throw and throw until the attacker has been rendered unconscious! I don’t want to see a four punch combination and then circling. I want to see a front kick into a throat punch into a clinching of the back of the head with one hand and elbows to the face with the opposite elbow into clinching and kneeing until they are on the ground into an achilles stomp. This is what we should be practicing in warm ups because this is what we should be training ourselves to do when faced with danger. Sound brutal? Your brutal is my effective, i didn’t start this and if he gets through me what does he plan on doing to my family? This is Krav Maga.

While I’m on it be careful how you do mitt work. The person holding the mitts should have their hands up where they would be if they were actually defending themselves not against their chest or anywhere else. To hold them in the wrong place when your partner is the one “doing the work” is spending half your training time learning something that will get you hurt. When under the stress of an attack which half of your training will you remember, the half where your hands were in the right place or the half you spent with them somewhere else? How about just keeping them in the right place every minute of your training. Oh, I could go on forever with how to train in class for the real world…maybe i should start running instructor training courses( BE SAFE!!


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  1. Wow… I really admire your toughness here at Krav Maga. I’ve always thought that a strong and organized offense trumps a good defense any day. Thanks for the good advice here…and your concern to keep us safe! Stay tough KM!

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