When we teach law enforcement officers krav maga’s knife or handgun defenses the line officers usually love the techniques. They love how easy and effective they are and that they “come out” under surprise attack because they mimic actual body reactions. If we get questioned about another technique being better it is almost always from the defensive tactics trainers. Now, don’t get me wrong, i love these questions and comparing other techniques. If the questioner is verbalizing why they like what they do better and can give reasons, that’s a good trainer. I listen and sometimes tweak what we are doing because they have a good point. Usually, when I explain what Krav’s main concerns are they come around.

A certain technique may have merit. It may be a legitimate technique and may (if you can believe it) be better than what we are showing for the scenario it was meant for. Here is where Krav differs. I tell that trainer that for them personally what they are doing is a better technique. Here is the epiphany moment; the trainer practices twenty hours or more a month and is very proficient with that technique because they have put the time in. The trainer is teaching a bunch of cops something to save their lives with who may only be training defensive tactics six hours a YEAR! To show a technique for one scenario that would take twenty hours of practice to get it to where it would work isn’t good for the line officer. We have one technique that takes an hour or two to get fairly good with that will work if the handgun is in front of them, if they are on their knees, if the handgun is at the side of their head, if they gunman is sitting on their chest, if the gunman is in their guard or if the gunman is standing over them while they are on the ground. If that particular officer was only going to commit to ten hours of training this year which technique do you think would be the one he or she should work on?

One cool compliment I got at a law enforcement seminar we did last summer was from an ex British special forces officer who now owns a security company. He said “I have taken a lot of edged weapon disarm seminars, seen a lot of techniques and even teach the stuff but I’ve never seen anything so simple or easy to learn before. Instead of worrying about making my arms an X or finding a pressure point I block as good as I can while I’m beating holy hell out of the idiot. I like this.” Simple, easy to learn, easy to remember yet effective. Those Israelis know what they are doing!

We see so many “gym techniques”. They look good, work well with a partner in a gym and may be fairly legitimate but they ignore too many things. They don’t take into account the effects of stress or the adrenaline dump on the person doing the technique. They don’t think about the officer may have been surprised and taken damage before attempting the technique (does it work if you only have one arm to work with, if already bleeding, etc.?). They make them too complicated to remember unless a lot of hours are put into training that one technique. They rely on only being attacked by a certain angle, speed, power, etc.

If it’s easy to learn and remember yet brutal as all get out…it’s probably Krav Maga. Be safe!!


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