We at the USKMA strive to teach safety and self defense for the real world. In the real world we spend a lot of time in a car. What can we do to be safe in our car? Read on!

We teach some way cool car jacking techniques for handgun disarms while seated in a car. We use the door frame, steering wheel, etc. to beat the bad guys hand against or to use for leverage. When we are teaching self defense in class we teach 1) don’t be there, 2) run, 3) pick up something to use as a weapon and 4) self defense techniques. The actual laying on of hands for self defense comes last. It’s the same with our carjacking weapon disarm techniques….these come so late in the game that we’ll rarely get to them.

First, when in a car, stay the heck out of bad places. A friend of mine had a family member jumped while driving. He was messed up pretty bad. That’s terrible but it was 3 a.m., he was in an area of town known for drug dealing and he was jamming his tunes with the windows down. I’d guess with even a little common sense he wouldn’t have been harmed. If in a strange town never, ever get off at a ramp to park and look at a map or call for directions. Thanks to GPS people don’t do this like we used to but many have been victims by parking somewhere they shouldn’t have been.

Second, use the car. What would you do in this scenario? You are stopped by a biker gang and they are approaching you from all sides. Do you lock the doors and hope they don’t mean real harm? Do you get out to talk? Go back to the previous blog on mind setting. You should have already thought about this scenario because you aren’t going to come up with a plan now. My plan? I am sitting in a 3,000 pound blunt object. I am flooring the gas and going through them. I didn’t start this and I assume I am about to lose my life….and all of my family members that are with me. Justified in my head!

Third, if someone jumps into my car with a weapon I jump out. No technique, no wrestling for the weapon. I jump out. If they are going to shoot me jumping out they were planning on shooting me anyhow. I might as well only give them one shot at a moving target! If I have my family with me? I use those cool carjacking disarm techniques, get his weapon and beat his rear end!!

I have talked about never being moved to a second crime scene in past blogs. You are always in a lot more trouble if you allow yourself to be moved. He is taking you to a place of seclusion for a reason. You are way better off, if he is in the car forcing you to drive someplace and making it difficult for you to jump out, to crash your car. Aim for a tree, parked car, building, etc. The harm you and your family take in that crash is nothing compared to the harm he has in store for you. You have also just given him the choice of staying around to harm you or fleeing because there is now help on the way. Police and fire department resources get to auto accidents in just a few minutes. Other bystanders are rushing over to help. Another thing to like about this is that you and your family were belted in, the Scum Bags usually don’t take the time to do this!

Here is another scenario that needs to be pre planned for. Just because you are in a car and you see flashing police lights behind you doesn’t mean it’s a police officer. This has been done many times, especially to women. If you can’t see the police car (usually they have a spot light in your mirrors) don’t assume it’s the police. If the cop doesn’t look right or if you have any bad feeling at all it is always better to be safe than sorry. Yes, pull over but crack your window and simply tell the officer that you are afraid and need to know that he is a cop. A real officer should never be upset with a female who says this. The fake ones will scream and yell. Ask for a number to call to verify him or for the officer to lead you to a more public place. If he refuses I’d rather take my chances with a pissed off police officer than a Scumbag who wants to do me harm. I’m fleeing the scene. If it is a real cop I guarantee you that several cars will be chasing you within seconds! Will you be in trouble? Yep. Does that beat what the bad guy has planned for you? Yep!

Again, pre plan and mind set. People are car jacked, forced into cars and forced off the road every day. This stuff happens, we must have a plan. While planning think about simply jumping out and/or ramming something with your car! It is better to be in an accident than to be moved…always! BE SAFE!


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