Things my partner and I said while teaching a knife defense seminar to a bunch of cops last week;

“we don’t even call it knife defense, we call it knife survival.”

“We don’t need to tangle with a knife wielding maniac, smack them to create distance and draw your sidearm.”

“There are really only two things to do, get an arm up to block and hit them as hard as you can.”

“We are seeing handguns stuck in holsters too much. Double tugging and even looking at your holster will get you killed. Every duty shift when you are putting on your belt do five draws (safely). This is getting you practice on 100 draws a month.”

“An officer wants that gun of his/hers. They will think of nothing but drawing it as they take stabs. Teach them to block and attack first, draw when it’s safe.”

“We teach to push off and draw. Being tangled up attempting a knife take away or trying to subdue while by yourself is a mistake. You would have to let go when their buddy shows. Every asshole has an asshole buddy nearby.”

“You will get cut….no doubt. Any instructor who tells you different is blowing smoke up your azz!”

“The defense for a punch and a knife must be the same. Most times you don’t see the knife and think you are being punched.”

“Pick up something to smack them with, we don’t need any hero BS!”

“During a shank go for the arm pit. The arm pit doesn’t move, the wrist is traveling six foot back and forth and is hard to grab.”

“I can’t tell you when to use lethal force but if I’m stabbed and by myself I take for granted that I’m about to go unconscious.”

“Any system that relies on you being able to move is a bad system. What if you are in a hallway or the aisle of a bus? The only two spaces you are guaranteed is the space you are in and the space the attacker is in.”

“The top ten knife experts in history all died the same way…knife wounds. If they got stabbed how am I going to tell you that you won’t?”

“I’d rather face someone with a gun than a knife if they are close. When the gun is directed off of me I am safe. The mindset of someone with a knife is they want to get close, want to cut and rip. I’d rather face a very proficient martial artist than a crazy with the will to kill any day!”

After our last drill where we slather ky jelly all over their arms and have them work on what we just taught…”What did we just learn? Blood is slippery and everything we worked on today was BS! What did you want to do with that slippery attacker? Push off/smack them to create distance and draw. The first and most basic thing we worked on today is what will save your butt!”



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