I just spent some time on the internet looking at the popular self defense “experts” that are out there. Wow, we in this field are really full of ourselves! The one thing that they all have in common is that anything that they are teaching is the best & the only way to do it and if you are doing anything else you are an idiot. They all fail my first test when looking for someone to learn anything from. I will not listen to anyone who thinks they are THE authority and right about everything. I believe we in the USKMA have the most up to date, battle tested and best self defense system anywhere, however, we look at what others are doing, attend seminars and are always looking to learn. We will tweak a technique or even change it altogether if we find something that works better. We are looking to keep people safe, not looking to build a cult of personality. So, here’s what’s out there:

-There’s the “expert” who evidently has tens of thousands of dollars to put into advertising. Anytime I do a search for Krav Maga his ad pops up in the sidebar telling me that if I learn his system I will “fear no man” and can “easily defeat three knife wielding thugs”. Wow, what an idiot. First off, we had better be fearing man. There are some beasts out there who will slaughter your whole family and then laugh about it. “Easily” defeat three dudes with knives? I’ve got only two techniques that will keep me from being killed in that scenario. The first involves sprinting faster than the three, the second involves a bit of distance and a twelve gauge.

-There’s the famous “expert” who has made millions of dollars in the industry with a new way of doing things every couple of years. Ten years ago he was putting down Krav Maga and teaching a pressure point system because “you don’t wanna get sued, you have to use non lethal techniques”. Now his program is “brutal, there are times that you are in a fight for your life and anything goes.” I saw a bit of one of his seminars recently and his main technique was to palm the bad guy in the forehead to “disrupt his brain” and knock him unconscious. He proceeded to knock his big, muscular assistant out about ten times in a row. The poor guy is probably brain damaged now from being concussed like that. Anyhow, nobody else at the seminar must have done it right because nobody else hit the ground.

-The most popular guy out there right now teaches quickening reaction times and one main technique to defeat most anything. His thoughts on seeing things earlier and reacting quicker makes a lot of sense. If only he wasn’t telling me that he invented the whole idea when I can read books on the subject from decades ago. His “awesome” one main technique that he invented has been around for awhile as well. My biggest problem is that he is the worst at the “I am teaching the only thing worth knowing, everyone else is stupid” train of thought.

-Then there’s the expert who six years ago was running judo dojos but now has his own system that is the best and only thing worth doing. He has one technique for any attack and has blogged on why Krav Maga is so terrible because it has numerous “complicated” techniques. This was news to me. His one technique that is used for everything is on a video where it is being used against a knife and then a handgun. How he thinks a technique that isn’t controlling the weapon (it was flopping all over the place) is a good technique is beyond me.

-I came across a video by another “expert” who has a secret, revolutionary way of kicking. It was the exact stomp kick that we teach in our beginner level one class. Well, we teach it with hands up so we don’t get punched and his hands were down around his belly button, so it wasn’t the exact same.

-Lastly there is the Krav Maga expert who claims to be Imi’s heir. He has changed a lot of techniques lately to show that he is “cutting edge” and the one in charge of Krav Maga’s evolution. If you do a technique the way he taught it for fifteen years instead of the way he has done it for the last two months you are absolutely, totally wrong, an idiot and completely out of the loop. This same guy claims that if you attend a Krav Maga gym that has any kind of cardio classes that you aren’t learning real Krav Maga. Most of his seminars are taught in basketball gyms but it doesn’t apply to him, if you are learning Krav Maga in a building that also has basketball you can’t be learning real Krav Maga would seem to be the same thought. Sigh….

The point to all of this is to think for yourself. Don’t ever let the word of an expert overrule your own common sense or experience. BE SAFE!



  1. I’ve owned and operated martial arts schools for almost 30 years; at one time, my schools were listed by MAPRO magazine as the top kickboxing program in the country and I was fotunate to have our children’s programs listed in the top 10 as well. I mention this not to brag but to establish my experience. I’m writing to comment on the reaction time statement you made where somebody claims to have created cutting edge concepts or knowledge regarding “reaction time speed”. I’d love to know who you are referring to and also if he or those he studies with understand the concept in depth. I hate to burst his bubble but just like muscle memory, the three types of speed have been studied extensivly with loads of published research since the 1950’s. Hopefully he understands that there are three types of speed with “reaction time” being just one of them and it’s the one that can be improved upon the least! Plus, all three types are critical incombat and the three speeds are: (1) MPH (2) Take Off and (3) Reaction Time. each is trained in a different fashion with their own set of drills, principles and skill. Plus, in order to maximize the application of “reaction time speed” in a combat situation, one must focus on improving “Take Off” and “MPH”. Also, I’m curious if when they train reaction time is it done using all three reaction signals (sight, sound and touch). Bottom line, if fighters or other contact athletes are failing to work on all three types of speed, their training is insufficient as it relates to competeing or performing on a big “real world” scale.

    God Bless,

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