Sigh…I just left the gym I work out in. While there I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the adult Karate class going on in the corner. They spent forty five minutes working on knife defenses. The “attacker” would get into a deep front stance and hold the knife by their belt, waiting for the “attackee” to get ready. They would then take a huge front step forward and thrust out the knife (with their loud “HiiiiYaaa”) and then just stand there with a straight arm. The defenses (several for the same attack) were a lot of grabbing wrists and moving the attacker’s arm in a big circle to take them to the ground and then using joint locks to have the attacker submit. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

I’m not putting down martial arts for adults. If the adult is doing the art for exercise, stress relief, because it’s cool or for the camaraderie I’ve got no problem with it. When you break out the knives you are teaching self defense. Whatever you show your students had better be the most battle tested, realistic techniques and tactics you can find. Your students are literally putting their lives in your hands…and what I just saw was pathetic!

Hey instructors, here’s an idea. Get on friggin Youtube and look for videos that actually show how people are attacked with a knife:

There are no techniques that will keep you unscathed against a knife. We don’t even call it knife defenses in Krav Maga, we call it knife survival! When we show “knife survival” in Krav Maga it isn’t technique as much as it is philosophy. Basically your best bet is to block and redirect the knife as good as you can while punching the attacker in the throat and kicking & kneeing his groin. Attack the attacker, it’s hard for him to keep stabbing when he’s balled up on the ground unconscious. Teach that and you may save a few lives. Keep teaching grabbing the wrist and twirling around and you’ll get people killed. BE SAFE!


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