When I lead training and say that knives are the last thing I want to come across on the street, that I’d much rather have a handgun pointed at me I usually get knowing nods from those who have had training and perplexed looks from those who haven’t! Knives give us a lot of problems Knives are a danger because they are so concealable (most who get stabbed never saw the knife, they thought they were being punched), everyone has one, small angle changes in the attack make for large angle changes in the defense and any idiot can kill you with one. Also, think about the mindset. A handgun is a distance weapon. They can just close their eyes and pull the trigger. Someone with a knife wants close, wants to see you bleed. I’ll take a fight with a very competent martial artist over a nutso with no training but the desire to kill any day!

Most of us think that if we have a gun vs. a knife that we are pretty safe. This isn’t what happens on the street. A knife vs. gun usually ends up in a tie, we both end up in the ER or dead. We don’t like ties. Watch the video below:

We do this very drill with law enfrocement officers in our LE training. We have one officer with a training knife five feet away draw and sprint towards the other officer to see if he can get his handgun out of the holster and trained on the attacker before being stabbed. We then repeat at ten feet, then fifteen. When we finally move the attacker back far enough that the officer can get his sidearm out and trained on the attacker we remind them that one shot isn’t going to knock the attacker off his feet. We have videos we show where an attacker takes ten or more shots mid body and keeps stabbing and slashing. Most officers know that they need to be twenty-one feet away to have a chance of stopping a knife attack. This number has actually been moved to thrity feet, twenty-one feet was where the officer was winning half the time. They finally realized they needed a number where the officer was winning most of the time! The key is we must move away at angles, get one hand off of our weapon and block with that arm as we fire one handed. We keep moving and firing until the threat is done.

Interesting stuff that is good to know! BE SAFE!


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  1. Wow… thank for showing us this… that is really eye opening.

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