Want to get torqued off? Watch this vid clip:

I almost called this blog “WTF is wrong with people?”! The video sets up an abduction scenario with actors to see how people will react. There is a seven year old girl being grabbed by a man and she is yelling “help, help, this is not my father” and time after time people just walk by and ignore her. It says that nobody helped for two hours. Really? These same people who walked by her would be the first to cry and complain if something happened to them and nobody helped I would bet.

There is a time when we need to intervene! Too many people are afraid. They won’t risk anything, even to save a life. They realize that it is dangerous to help others, and they prefer to live a life in fear rather than having principles, things that they won’t put up with. Even worse are the people who won’t help because they may be liable. These people would watch someone be beaten to death rather than take a chance of being sued or going to jail. What happened to caring and watching out for each other? Wow.

There are things worth risking life and limb for. It seems that most of America doesn’t want to risk anything for anyone. In SGT Strong’s book STRONG ON DEFENSE he talks about a woman who was abducted and tortured for weeks. She escaped once from the scumbag’s car on a highway as she was being moved. She ran down the highway and he chased her, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back to the car. Not only did nobody stop to help, nobody even called the police! There are times to intervene…but it is dangerous to do so. I’m not talking about standing up for a lady’s honor in a bar because some biker slapped her on the rear. You aren’t the protector of the world. However, if someone is being seriously injured, even if a stranger, it is probably time to jump in.

When you do have to intervene, there are things to keep in mind.

1) Just like with self protection when it is go time you go with all you have. You go extreme and you go ballistic. If you think that your response may be too extreme you shouldn’t be intervening. Keep the pressure on and go until you and whoever you are helping are safe. This is usually when the scumbag is knocked unconscious! We aren’t looking to restrain or put in a “come along” type of joint lock. If that is all that needs done nobody was in very much danger. What are you going to do after you have them in a joint lock….walk them to the courthouse? What do you do when his buddy shows up, let go and have two to worry about? Unless you are law enforcement, a bouncer or a school teacher don’t “control” with a joint lock! Do major damage with the goal being to get the heck out of there.

2) Keep the attacker in sight but don’t have tunnel vision. It makes sense not to take your eyes off of the threat. Watch his hands, are they going to his pocket for a weapon (keep in mind that every scumbag carries at least a blade)? Is he heading for the pool cues? Does he appear to know how to fight? Although you have to watch him you can’t have tunnel vision and see only him. Everyone, even scumbags, have buddies. When you jump in they will jump you. Again, go hard with the goal being to get yourself and the victim out of there.

3) Be safe. Anything goes. If you are in a fight to save a life (and it’s yours that you are trying to save as well when you insert yourself into the problem) anything goes. If the situation calls for it hit them with the car you are driving. Pick up a brick. Use whatever you can get your hands on. Again, if you think what you are doing may be too extreme, the situation wasn’t bad enough to put yourself into.

When you have no choice but to put yourself into a bad situation to save another; be smart about it. Look at the threat as targets. If you look only at targets it doesn’t matter how big they are, how mean they look or even what they are doing to you. You see targets that need hit…and hit them as hard as you can. Remember to constantly be looking to disengage and get yourself and the person you are helping to safety. BE SAFE!



  1. Thanks for the post.

    It absolutely disgusts me when I see things like this. At first it could seem like a child was just being disobedient but to be honest I have NEVER seen/heard a child start yelling help as soon as they’re grabbed like that if they went wandering off.

    Sure they might yell other things, or start crying and screaming, but never “Help” In a situation like that when you’re probably saving that little girl’s life, that’s no time to be pulling punches worried about what happens later on legally if you go ‘too far’.

    I’m reminded of a quote “It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.” And either of those is better than knowing you just let a creep get away with harming an innocent.

  2. That’s AWFUL. The Bystander effect is nasty. Bah.

  3. This is unbelievably shocking and sickening. Yeah, this really gets me torqued off.

    I had this happen to me for real as a young teenager. I was running down the middle of a street screaming for help as my adult attacker was running after me. Cars swerved around me, people walked by, and I even managed to knock on the door of someone’s home frantically begging her to call the police. She shut the door in my face, and by then my attacker had thrown me over his shoulder, carried me to where I was then beaten and raped.

    Thanks for sharing this post. I don’t usually comment, but I soak in every bit of the wisdom that you share. I had to respond to this one as it hit so close to home for me.

    Excellent words of advice, as usual.

    • This is so sad. Thanks for the bravery in sharing with us. Posting things like this hopefully change the way it is but society seems to be getting worse. Sad indeed.

  4. You’re absolutely right. Society is getting worse, and there are not enough people boldly speaking out about it as you are. Each time I read something you have posted here, I come away from it feeling a little more validated and empowered, and little less vulnerable. I say validated only because most people prefer to look away and pretend that these things don’t really happen. You unveil the cold, hard truth, and for that I want to thank you. ~ Mareeya

    • Thanks, Mareeya. You are a good and brave person and your kind words mean a lot to me. Hit me up with questions or anything at Keep being the strong person you are!!

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