One of my students (and instructor at our gym) had a “scary as hell” moment this week. It seems that he was driving in a not so great part of town when a little girl darted in front of his truck and he hit her. Thankfully she was only bruised and scraped but he did what we all would do, got out of his truck to help her. What he said happened next was like one of our Krav class training drills come to life. He looked up to see eight or so guys running from neighborhood porches but not to help the girl…they were running at him. To make a long story short they surrounded him and started to throw punches, etc. He backed up to a wall as he fought them off and then ran when the opportunity presented itself. Two followed him (the rest took out their vengeance on his truck) and when he was about caught up to he turned and threw on the closest guy. As he clinched the guy and kneed him he kept him moving so that he could keep an eye on the second guy who eventually just left. A woman in the neighborhood came out and bawled out the thugs then offered her home to my friend until the police arrived.

This could have been bad but he fell back on his training. He knew that if he hit the ground he would be stomped and if they got behind him he would eventually do just that…hit the ground. He kept them from getting behind him and then did the smartest thing he could do (and something we preach to do)…he ran. There is no way he could whip eight dudes. We aren’t Superman and this isn’t Hollywood and he knew this. When the opportunity presented itself he ran. When he had to reengage he did so with good tactics, tied up the one who was closest to him and kept his eyes on the second guy. I couldn’t be prouder of him.

When he asked me to critique I told him “It’s obvious that you didn’t do anything too bad because you weren’t seriously hurt and the fact that you were relatively unscathed tells me you did things right”. My only advice to him was what I mentioned just a few weeks ago in my “Flash Mob Attacks” blog. Carry a handgun where legal and a knife always. I thank God he was unharmed. Things like this make me proud to teach what we do…no BS self defense. BE SAFE!

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  1. Terrifying! Omg!! I’m glad your student was ok and had the sense to run instead of fight! Great that training stuck with him! Wow!

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