Over the year that I have been writing this weekly blog I have gotten a lot of nice comments. People seem to like Krav Maga’s philosophy about what real world violence is and what real self defense is. We tell it like it is, have no egos and no agenda. We want to spread Krav Maga throughout the U.S. and let people know what is real and would work in real world violent situations and what is BS. In the USKMA I truly have a world class staff of what I would consider the best self defense “experts” anywhere. However…

Never, ever let your own common sense and experience be overridden by the words of an expert, especially me. We study real world violence and have what we believe are the best answers to violent attacks and the easiest to learn and remember as well as most effective techniques. Nobody, however, is 100% right all the time. If something doesn’t make sense to you or if your experience has proven something doesn’t work for you…don’t use it. This sounds logical, to not let your own common sense and experience be trumped by an expert’s opinion, but it is rare for someone to do this. Experts can sound all knowing, can make you think that they have all the answers and must be right. In the 1960’s there was a self defense expert telling women to carry a hat pin to defend themselves. This doesn’t make sense to me but he was an expert and had a huge following. One poor older lady had her purse taken by a snatcher. He was turning to run away with her purse when she remembered the expert’s advice and took out her hat pin and stabbed him. He turned around and punched her in the face, breaking her jaw. Some advice.

Think about other areas where we blindly follow advice. The medical field is a big one. Haven’t most of the things medical experts were touting fifty years ago now been proven wrong? Think of all the drugs that were released only to be recalled later because they were killing people! For example, I have heard medical professionals say many times that you can get as bad a sun burn on a cloudy day as on a sunny one. I grew up believing this. My own experience shows me that this isn’t true. I go out on cloudy days without cover or sunscreen all the time and never burn but would burn like crazy if the sun was blaring. BTW, the U.S. has more cases of skin cancer than any country in the World but also uses the most sunscreen of any country in the World. Think the experts might be missing something?

Another big one is that you lose more heat from your head than any other part of your body. I have heard this since I was a child. I just recently read a scientific study that says this is true only if your head is uncovered and the rest of your body is covered, that all body surfaces lose the same amount of heat.

Did you realize that after the jets hit the twin towers that there were people sitting in the buildings below the fire floors for a long time, some even still there when they collapsed? Why would they do this? Because some “expert” security guards and building managers who were in charge told them to stay at their desks, that it would be ok. These people let an expert’s advice override their own common sense…the building was on fire for crying out loud!

One last self defense example. There is a very popular self defense for women course that teaches women to drop to the ground and kick at the attacker with both legs. There is a bit of merit to this but, in my opinion, it makes one fatal assumption and overrides one major tactic that should always be followed. The assumption is that she will only ever be attacked by one person. A second attacker, while she is on the ground, spells doom. The overridden tactic that we preach to women is that we are fighting TO ESCAPE. Everything we do while fighting off an attack is done with escape in mind. Lying on the ground makes this much harder.

So please, think for yourself. “There is nothing as uncommon as common sense”. Don’t let the words of an expert (or the opinion of the majority) override your own experience and commons sense. Good words to live by! BE SAFE!


  1. Would love to talk to you about one of your blogs.. Do you have an email address that I could contact you ?

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