“It is better to avoid than to run. It is better to run than de-escalate. It is better to de-escalate than to fight. It is better to fight than to die.” SGT Rory Miller

If the good folks on the season premier of The Walking Dead had prepared “go buttons” in advance they wouldn’t have had to sit there and watch poor Abraham and Glen get their brains smashed in (without putting a fight, may i add). The time to react and fight is before you have been incapacitated. When they had weapons in their hands, no matter how badly out numbered, was their best chance of fighting back. If they had thought of “go buttons” and one of them was “never be subdued or give up weapons” that would have surfaced, and the outcome would have been in their hands. After being subdued they had no control over the outcome. They could only hope the crazy man wouldn’t beat them to death. Hope isn’t a plan. For example, if we several of us were in a building and some “terrorists” broke in with “assault weapons” the only chance we would have of getting out would be right that second. Scatter and go out doors and windows. Waiting thirty seconds would have us surrounded, thirty more seconds and they are starting to tie us up. Waiting on a good time to react will never happen…the only time, no matter what the odds, is right away. Hence, a go button is that in that situation we react as soon as we see trouble.

Fighting is down the list a good ways but when it is “go” time, we fight with all we have inside. If you look back at my blog on mind setting you will see that you should think about and plan for every and all situations. Your plan should include avoiding, running, de-escalating and “go”. What is going to push your “go button“? By “go button” I mean when will you decide that things have gone far enough and you are going to destroy the Scum Bag in front of you without hesitation? When is it that you will fight knowing full well that you are going to be injured and possibly killed? This is something that you must think about so that when it is that time you do not hesitate and get into an even worse position. Here are some of my pre determined “Go Buttons”;
-I will always “go” if someone is attempting to tie or cuff me.
-I will always “go” if someone threatens a child or woman with a weapon.
-I will always “go” if there is even a possibility that my children will be harmed.
-I will always “go” if a woman or child, stranger or known, is about to be led away.
-I will always “go” if a child, stranger or known, is being beaten.
-I will always “go” if someone is trying to move myself or a loved one to a secondary crime scene.
-I will always “go” if I see a law enforcement officer not obviously winning a fight with a suspect.
-I will always “go” at the split second I notice a stranger in my house.
-I will always “go” when I am outnumbered, even before the threat becomes apparent.
There are things worth fighting for. List what they are. Once you have made a list you are now “mind setting” your “go buttons”. You must vow to yourself that if any of them are pushed you will act ruthlessly, decisively and without hesitation. You cannot second guess yourself, ever. BE SAFE!



  1. Nice Blog. A great reminder that we should all be aware of our ‘GO” moments!

  2. I only have one: If I have reason to believe that myself, a friend, family member, or stranger that cannot defend themself is being attacked or about to be attacked in any way – I go.

    Simple works for me.

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