The next time you are at the mall, restaurant, bar, your workplace or any crowded area do this little exercise. Look at the crowd like a predator would. If you needed money right now with the least risk to yourself who would you go after, how and why? Guess what, there are people in nearly every crowd that you are in looking at you the same way! We need to train ourselves to see what they are seeing. So look around and figure out who has money, who looks distracted, who looks weak, who looks timid. Look for things like posture, who is by themselves, who looks overwhelmed, who looks scared or who looks too drunk to put up a fight. Furthermore, who can you get close to? Start looking for the unsupervised child (shocking and sad how many you will see), the frazzled mom of a toddler, the elderly by themselves.

Now look around at who you wouldn’t mess with. We automatically think of the big, muscular man but how about the confident woman who isn’t texting or on her phone but is looking you in the eye? You will be able to pick up on who is confident, aware and believe in themselves!

Now, of course, decide which one you are closest to…..and get yourself to the “don’t mess with them” group! When you are out, pay attention! It amazes me how many of us don’t do this. We are on our phones, engrossed in conversation, sitting at a diner looking down at our food and basically oblivious to our surroundings. In our Krav Maga classes we talk about things like this. We notice as members are with us for awhile they become different people. Not only do they pay more attention as they become more knowledgeable about violence but as they learn to defend themselves and get into much better shape their whole personality moves towards the “don’t mess with me” group!

Other things to think about to be in the “don’t mess with me” group are:
-as soon as you get into a restaurant or bar scan the crowd and look for who you think could be trouble, know the exits and sit close to one with your back to a wall facing the front door.
-When at the mall, etc. walk around with your head up, looking at people. It’s amazing how many people don’t do this! Stay off your friggin phone! How many really important texts do you send in a day? Quit doing this in public!!
-when driving keep the windows up and door locked and look around. Again, the phone is a no no! Keep your head on a swivel.
-Drunk is for your buddies house, not out in public. Drunks at bars couldn’t be an easier target!
-Ladies, A lot of predators in crowds will “accidentally” touch you inappropriately to see what the reaction will be. Those who stay quiet because they don’t want to make a scene are exactly the ones he is looking for. Make a scene! Yell “do that again and I break your face” loudly and firmly!
-We were all told by our mamas not to be rude…..we are no longer kids. Quit caring if you come off as rude! When a stranger approaches you and wants to start a conversation or ask a question do what I do, put your hands in front of you palms out (a ready stance) make eye contact and say “no”. This is pretty rude and maybe they really did have a question but i’ve noticed the ones who make a big deal and talk about how rude you are are the ones you were right about. Think about it, how many strangers do you walk straight at and ask questions or try to start a conversation with? As I said in a previous blog aimed at females, don’t judge the stranger approaching you based on all the men you know (most of whom are good people) but judge him on the men who approach strange women in a parking lot to strike up a conversation (most of whom are scum bag pieces of crap)! Remember, charm is an act. Charm takes work. Nobody is born charming.




  1. […] United States Krav Maga. (2010). Do You Look Like a Victim? United States Krav Maga’s blog. Retrieved April 26, 2015, from […]

  2. […] United States Krav Maga. (2010). Do You Look Like a Victim? United States Krav Maga’s blog. Retrieved April 26, 2015, from […]

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