We at the USKMA refuse to have egos or brag about ourselves but today I’m gonna brag on my “kids”! We just had the second group ever test for black belt under the USKMA. To test for black belt a student must have been in the system a minimum of three years, must have passed all other testing at expert level, must be in Olympic caliber shape and must be invited. In the past four years we have tested exactly 8 people for black belt.
Our testing is like nothing you’ve ever seen. It was 5 ½ hours long. Now when I say this my martial art buddies tell me about their 7 and 8 hour long black belt tests. I try not to chuckle. I’ve done those 7 hour tests. It’s a lot of….get my board holders standing where I want them…reposition them…no hold it this way…ok now I do a slow motion walk through….now another…everyone quiet please this takes concentration….now I finally break the friggin things… I go stand and wait on the other 4 testing to do the same thing, etc. , etc.
Here’s what my group of studs (and one studdette) just accomplished;
-Full sparring. 6 two minute rounds with a last round of 5 minutes. Most people are gassed and can’t go on after this. But wait….there’s more!!
-All level 1 techniques done at sprint pace and as hard and realistic as possible. If they aren’t going at full (realistic) speed they do burpees, sprints, etc. as punishment. They had to bring a partner as they couldn’t partner with each other and hold for each other like at any other level testing. At the end of level 1 techniques they go 3 minute rounds of multi attackers putting them in one choke and/or headlock after the other. We do just that as a drill to totally wipe people out at the end of classes.
-Same as above for ALL of level 2, 3, 4 and 5 techniques with that multi attacker drill at the end of every level. All at full speed, no breaks. By the way, at anytime during all of this my 1st group of black belts, who were there assisting, are allowed to attack with knives, sticks or handguns at any time.
-Multi attacker weapon disarms…..rounds of 4 minutes. When given a signal they sprinted over to the airsoft handgun and had to put 2 shots on target at 15 feet and then went back to drill.
-2 on 1 two knife, 2 stick & 1 knife, 1 stick attack. Strategy was being graded.
-I took a real steak knife and swung once at each. The only person cut was me! I’ll heal!
-Offensive knife on knife. Again, this isn’t static with the attacker swinging, stopping and re setting. These are non stop 2 minute rounds.
-3rd party handgun disarms.
-3rd party knife disarms.
-At the end of this hell we brought in our biggest, most muscular, best sparring instructor to spar them for 1 last round. This was gut check time. They could hardly lift there arms by now and they were in the ring with a guy who was instructed to “go hard” with them. This was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen as they all went hard and went right at him! I was so proud!
Well, that was their test. I honestly believe only a fraction of 1% of adults in this country could get through that. One member said it was like sprinting a marathon with people beating on you the whole time! At the end of these tests I ask the crowd watching “Why would anyone put themselves through that?” I answer that question with another. “Who would ever be dumb enough to wanna mess with these people?”
Congrats to my bad asses; Aaron Jannetti, Scott Howard, Jason Holt and Terri Rosen!! You think you test hard? Do you look like this at the end of your testing? BE SAFE!

Terri's Legs
Terri's Arms


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