My Thanksgiving day conversation with my mama;
Mama: With all your karate (yes, she said karate….sigh..) how many guys do you think you can take on at once?
Me; If they are real little and scrawny, maybe 5 or 6.
Mama; No, I mean regular guys.
Me: Well, my .380 holds eight bullets so, if I’m a good aim and quick, probably eight.
Mama; you know what I mean, can’t you slam them to the ground?
Me; Nah, I’d run.

Hollywood stars in movies may be able to whip a dozen guys at once but in my real world, I’d run if outnumbered. It’s hard enough blocking one person’s punches. It only takes one to land on my head and I’m dazed long enough for the rest of them to curb stomp me. I don’t have eyes in the back of my head or enough appendages to block two or more punching me at once. This is why I carry a knife and, when allowed by law, a handgun. Nobody is that good! I hope that you appreciate the honesty and lack of egos from us in Krav Maga… won’t hear talk like this from the heads of very many martial arts associations!

This is why in Krav Maga we teach to 1) run, 2) find something to use as an improvised weapon and 3) as a last resort, fight. If you have to fight while out numbered try to create distance, always be looking to escape, make every shot a knockout shot, keep the opponents stacked (all in line of sight), if you hit the ground get up as quick as possible and cheat as much as you can! This isn’t glamorous or macho…just real. BE SAFE!

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