Handguns are such a hot button topic in America as politics mar any logical discussion.  On one extreme you have the group who believe that handguns are responsible for all the evil in the world and on the other end you have those who think all men, women and children should be carrying one, no matter how much common sense that person may lack.  In the USKMA to be able to test for black belt a student must have passed the NRA gun safety class required for concealed carry in Ohio.  This surprises some people but our thought is that if we are learning handgun disarms and training for the possibility of facing a handgun we better know as much about them as possible.

A handgun can definitely make you safer but it can just as easily put you and your family at risk.  The average handgun owner who bought a handgun for home protection has shot only 30 rounds from the box of 50 that came with the gun the day they got it and haven’t touched it since.  If we are to have a handgun in the home for protection we have a major, major responsibility.  Anyone who owns one needs to be an expert with it.  They need to have gone through safety classes, put hundreds (if not thousands) of rounds through it and know the gun inside and out.  It needs to be stored where a child cannot get to it.  Not hidden, stored.  A child can find anything hidden and they will go through your bedroom sooner or later out of curiosity (a shock to some parents).  Most safes and lock boxes will keep children from the handgun but, unfortunately, make it difficult for you to get to if needed for protection.  Anything with a combination or key will be very hard to access when you have experienced the adrenalin “dump” because fine motor skills go to pot (See our past blog on the dump).  What I recommend is a safe made by Gun Vault.  It has a cut out for your fingers where you just press the buttons that you have pre-set.  Press the buttons to access several times a day to get muscle memory for when you really need access.

Many handguns have been used against their owner by the bad guy.  If you have a handgun you must absolutely mind set what you will do in any situation (see our past mind setting blog).  You must set in your head when and under what circumstances you will fire the handgun.  If you cannot pull the trigger and shoot another human, don’t have a handgun.  When the scumbag figures out that you can’t shoot him he will then take the gun from you and a very bad situation will get worse!  Again, mind setting and planning is of paramount importance.

Handgun ownership is an individual’s decision.  Nobody can decide for you.  If you do decide to own one be smart about it.  Become an expert on the handgun that you purchase and know exactly how, and under what circumstances, you will use it.  Take the time for mind setting and pre planning or the very thing that you bought to be safer will make you much less safe and can even lead to tragedy.


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